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letting out the chickens

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    Wondering about letting out the new chicks

    Our clucky hen had 3 chicks they are now 8 weeks old and confined with the mother in a wire cage in the chook pen

    But they all  want to get out with the other 3 hens   When is the right time

    The older chooks seem to have a go at the mother through the wire  now and then


    Can you split the area in half with a temp fence so the chicks get to walk around, a pecking order will have to be established , maybe you can let one other chicken in see what happens then. I only have 3 chickens someone else may know more.


    There are a few questions that may help us to offer advice.  What breed are they (if they are cross bred how large are they)?  How much room will they have when let in together?  How good/protective is the broody hen?  How dominant was the broody hen prior to hatching the eggs?

    I have seen this go smoothly at 8 weeks.  I have also seen it go very poorly.


    Hi the mother is isa brown and the fertile eggs came from sons place [he has 20 chooks all different ]

    Two are red and one black  so its anybody’s guess

    At present the chook house is 6 sq meters and they are in 1 1/2 sq metres fenced off area

    Every now and then you will see the mother and one of the other chooks try to have a go

    The chooks don’t seam to worry the chicks


    Tried letting them out today lucky I had a strong water jet it my hands

    I let the chooks out and hunted them up the other end of the yard

    And let the chickens and mother out and one of the chooks ran back and started to fight

    So both got a drenching

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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