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Lets bomb the moon

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    I don’t watch much TV.. has anyone else heard anything about this ? It was meant to happen yesterday, but has now been put off for a month..


    I wonder who ‘owns’ the moon. Surely it is international property and that would be an act of war …:confused:

    And there are slightly less impressive ways of figuring out whether there is water there. Chemical analysis would do the trick I would have thought …


    Surely America owns it???


    I’m am just lost for words really. 1. Why? 2. What if there are concequences? 3. The moon belongs to no-one / everyone, what gives them the right? 4. Surely they have more important things that they could be spending that money on? Umm like maybe their economy, health care, the homeless, the poor……….

    They have a Twitter, maybe bombard their twitter telling them that they are F@$Kwits and to leave the moon alone!


    HG someone elsewhere posted this info:

    The Outer Space Treaty represents the basic legal framework of international space law. Among its principles, it bars States Parties to the Treaty from placing nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction in orbit of Earth, installing them on the Moon or any other celestial body, or to otherwise station them in outer space. It exclusively limits the use of the Moon and other celestial bodies to peaceful purposes and expressly prohibits their use for testing weapons of any kind, conducting military maneuvers, or establishing military bases, installations, and fortifications (Art.IV). However, the Treaty does not prohibit the placement of conventional weapons in orbit.


    It would be no different from a impact event that the moon has encountered millions of times, and being a high velocity impact, they would be replicating a meteoric impact.


    A small meteor at that.

    A good source of info is

    Impact due tomorrow I think. They are looking for water to see if they can build a colony on the moon in the future…

    …what a waste of time and money. Unless the moon is made of oil they’ll never get there.



    I am really appalled. As a pagan, I actually revere the moon, so I find it quite offensive and unnecessary. Maybe I’m the weird one?

    I think there is probably an alterior motive…..


    Smurfy wrote:

    I think there is probably an alterior motive…..

    I’m not a pagan Smurfy & I’m a bit sus about it too.. why can’t they leave the moon alone ?

    .. and whatever naturaly hits it as in meteorites etc.. isn’t that universal & natural occurences.. there’s nothing natural about man made bombs.

    The money that it would cost to go ahead with this ridiculous stunt, could surely be put to better use!


    SECONDED! 100%


    Humbug wrote:

    The money that it would cost to go ahead with this ridiculous stunt, could surely be put to better use!

    I’m not so sure, to find out if there is water on the moon will give us a much better understanding of the moon, the planets, and the universe at large, of course I know they won’t find enough for habitation as some are suggesting. But it will shed a lot of light on a lot of theories.


    Shouldn’t we be attempting to fix the myriad of diabolical messes on our planet before we start spending millions of dollars trashing the moon. Simplistic I know….but really…I wonder how much crap we have already scattered around the universe…we are probably creating heaps of debris everytime some idiot sends up a rocket or whatever.


    Absolutely agree with you earthwalker when you think about the money they are spending of this sort of rubbish it is no wonder that the damage done to our planet is in the ‘too hard basket’. Let’s blast the moon and look for clean water there, we’re just about out of it here.

    Good Lifer

    Yes, my thoughts run along the line of yours, Earthwalker. Space junk. The news report I heard stated that a second vessel will be following the missile firing vessel, and that vessel will capture and analyse the matter that is thrown up from the blast. That vessel will transmit its data back to NASA, and then it will crash. Into the moon presumably.

    I wonder how much trash we have left on the moon now? Which leads me to wonder if the American flag is still up there …

    Judi B

    This pretty much sums it up:

    Humans are good at breeding, annoying and destroying

    They probably want to find water then they can move up there when they have totally stuffed it here.

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