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Leather working course?

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    I’m looking for some leather working courses I really want to learn how to work leather properly.

    I’d prefer to do them in person but online wouldn’t be too bad =]

    Does anyone know of any I’m in the central Tablelands of NSW near Bathurst =]


    Dont know of any courses but I do know that the Tablelands LETS group is very active and there may be someone there who does that sort of thing and could teach you.

    here is their website

    and here is the facebook group for them


    There are one or 2 saddlers & whipmakers in or around Bathurst, so I’d drop in & ask them. Alternatively, if you are able to travel, Tandy or any other leather wholesaler/retailer can probably help you. There’s also the guild & they have a website.

    I’ve worked leather for quite awhile & not too bad at it. It’s basically been a trial & error situation but I did have a couple of mentors that could help me out when I was really struggling.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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