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Learning to knit!

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    Any other knitters out there? I just finished my first garment – a large woolly cowl in a design I came up with myself. I think it looks really nice!

    What kinds of things do you knit and with what kinds of yarn?

    I have noticed that yarn and buttons etc are not cheap, so I only want to make things that are considerably better than anything found in the shops.


    Well done Miowzen!! Knitting is on my list of things to learn to do. I’d love to be able to knit some cotton dish cloths as the ones I have are just starting to wear out. The kids also love ponchos and I’d love to knit those. And I have a thing for scarves – I’m always cold and a scarf makes so much much difference! Our local op shops often have cheap wool and buttons – it’s worth a look. Some skeins appear to be from unravelled hand-knitted jumpers etc. I’d love to organise our GTG’s to be somewhat of a ‘skill share’ day too. We have some very talented people here (like yourself) who have all sorts of things they could show others to do. I’m planning to have a GTG here in a few months time, so maybe we can do something like that then…..


    How about I come over your place sometime and teach you!! :cheer: Then we can knit over a cup of tea, so ladylike 🙂

    I felt like a right domestic goddess on Saturday. I was taking a home-baked cake to DH’s godparents but he had the car so I had to catch the train. I had a cake on my lap and then I pulled out my knitting. All the little girls squealed with delight! :laugh: I felt like little red riding hood with my basket of goodies.


    How does a first time knitter come up with her own cowl design ?????? Well done you!! I need all the smilies I can no longer use – wish they would work again. jawdrop, thumbs up and lots of claps!

    Judi B

    I do heaps of knitting mostly do toys, dishcloths and bedsocks.

    I crochet bags and granny rugs, I’m thinking of knitting a throw but

    don’t feel like it just yet.


    I can knit straight lines. And know a few crochet stitches. I get heaps of wool from op shops. I mainly look out for cotton to make dish cloths and face washers.


    I gather yarn and promise myself one day I’ll use it 😉

    I have knitted the whole family bed socks, and then last year, I

    knitted everyone REAL socks!! (6 in my family). I was so stocked with

    myself cos previously I’d only ever knitted scarves.

    I find it tricky to learn from a book so thank goodness for video

    tutorials online!!

    One day (huh!)I’ll knit with cotton and make light, long sleeve tops for



    Thanks Miaowzen – would love to take you up on the offer! Tea and knitting sounds delightful! I’m on hols in a couple of weeks – will touch base with you before then.

    Bluewren – I miss all the other smilies too 🙁


    I promise I’ll take a photo as soon as my button order arrives in the mail and I have stitched the buttons on. They’re only for decoration, but still better to show the finished product.

    Bron that’s amazing that you went straight from scarves to socks, I’m way frightened to try a sock because I have no idea how to do the heel.


    I ended up buying some white yarn from a bargain bin for $2; it was an alpaca, wool, acrylic blend. I have hand dyed it with nettles and peppermint tea and it looks nice :tup:. Making a knit and bead necklace for my mum’s birthday so I hope it turns out good!


    Ive seen people unravel a knitted jumper and use the wool from that.

    I dont knit, I do crochet but I only do it to soothe my soul and then its just straight row after row.

    I have a dockers coloured blanket I crocheted, row after row, its bigger than a kingsize bed. It got me through lots of tears and stressful situations when I was making it, it helped get my mind back on track


    I was thinking of doing that [unravelling] so I went to salvos but a knitted jumper cost $9!! Couldn’t believe it. Inflation really bites.

    I don’t want to do something that’s both time consuming and expensive, but I agree that the repetitive motion is good for rumination. That’s partly why I’ve started. It keeps depression/anxiety at bay and at the end of it you’ve got something useful.


    I have knitted one scarf and in the process of making a rug thing (it was too wide to be a scarf so thought I’d make it into a blanket. Should get it out again… I would love to learn how to make socks and dishcloths.


    Well I am totally exhausted.

    After success with my cowl and a very basic necklace I bought some sock yarn and decided to make socks (72 stitch around, 2.75mm needles) for my step-father’s 60th birthday. I started on Saturday and the party is this Sunday.

    I have knitted non-stop for six days and my hands and arms are sore and my eyesight is blurry.

    I’m only halfway through these socks…. :blink: :blink: :blink:


    Im a ampie knitter, I can knit left or right when i was young my mum would call this lazy as when i got to the end of the row i would knit back the other way just following the patten in reverse and the stiches backward but 4 years ago at the stiched up festavel I was talking to someone and mentioned my lazy way of knitting and she asked if i could show her left handed friend she was tring to teach to knit as they were having left right issues from there i have shown two classes of leftys to knit and all this time i thought i was just clever cheating when i knitted :laugh: its very easy its just backward left forward right thought this dose not work so well when doing cable

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