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    Might try post a photo or two


    The *xxxx*hit the fan and but finally we got answers … but we not out the woods yet.Having run out of grass for the sheep sometime ago, we have been supplimenting their feed with ponymix got molasse in, sheep pellets, fresh bails of lucerne +++ for the last 4/6 months while still herding them to fresh grass around the house and yard, all while ewes gave birth to 6 lambs. BTW they fat as pigs. Had all the tails & nut done, vaccinated, wormed regularly. In other words done the right thing.

    But mum’s condition has not been that wonderful as lambs has sucked them dry and they really need to put on some weight again. They were shorn on Wensday and wormed. Today lambs are all getting weaned, so we better get the earplugs out for the next week or so. By doing that now the ewes should put on weight. Some of the sheep ( one died, lucky one I was not going to keep)have picked up a tummy bug, confirmed by the vet, who gave them shots of antibiotics and meds for the next few days. Monday we get the bill when we pick up more meds.

    The veggie patch at Mulgoa has been fenced and raised beds made, planted with corn, bean and squash in one larger bed. Tomato seedlings, pars;ey and mustard plant which is now going to seed in another. Spinach, capsicums, a few strawberry plants, more mustard seedlings and rocket in no 3. bed. Potatoe in tubes, Italian parsley and oregano in pots.

    Got another bed that needs building this weekend, where I would like to plant Leb zucc. more beans, thyme and spinach or beetroot.

    Well thats today’s job. Monday/tuesday we are expecting orpington chicks to hatch, will update soon.


    Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you. Hope they pick up soon and things get back to being productive for you.



    Yep it can be hard. I had a similar problem with a mare during drought. All the good food I could chuck into her went straight to the foal. He was as fat as butter – she looked so bad someone called the RSPCA on me. Her coat was glossy as anything, but her ribs were showing so I probably would have done the same, I suspect.

    Fortunately they arrived as I was feeding out the first feed of the day and when I explained my feeding regime they agreed I was doing everything right.


    Reading the last few posts, I just realised this happens to some people too when they become mothers – my daughter is losing a fair bit of weight due to having a young baby that she is still feeding.:shy:


    One week on, and the lambies are doing great, Miss Bella, Molly, Polly and the orphan:(Stella, and Boys have seetled in the paddock next door to mums. Today I will need to move them to the shed area, where the grass could do with a little mowing for the next week.

    Mums can graze around the house for the weekend. They are looking a little better as well.

    My latest project is making Daisy the feral goat a yard and house for herself. the posts have been cemented in, gate attached to the post. This weekend I plan on closing it in with 1200mm high wire and building a house for her. That might not keep her in but running some hot tape around the top might. Mainly a place for her to sleep and stay when we not home,

    Another recycle and reuse idea. Had this crasy idea at work yesterday, asked one of the young blokes to cut me a 44 gallon drum down the middle. This is going to be the roof. The sides we going to be made from scrap wooden crates all stuck on a wooden pallet. The other half is going to be turned into a small chook house for the incubator chicks adding a little run of their own around it. If this works good I want to make a few more and move the broodys on their own. We so running out of space for different aged chooks atm. Ginger and Henny have gone broody and are sitting on 3 eggs for Ginger (Frizzle)and 4 for Henny (Austrolope) Still waiting on PM from the lady whose incubating them orpington eggs. Have you see how big they get? nice big meat birds have to sell a few to get my investment back.

    Lets hope for many little chookies:tup:


    Another great productive weekend at the farm. Boy I been going on about this fence for 3 yrs now, believe or not we’re still at it, a few posts at a time. This stretch has 50 posts, lucky we had a little help digging the holes, but we manage to concrete all but 4. The rails still need to be bought but there’s nothing available on the auction, so we might just used secondhand chainwire for now.We have a deadline to have most of it finished. The 26th Dec, we loading the ewes and lambs in the trailer, and heading to greener pastures … I had to trim the grass/pasture cause it was just to long.(12 inches high I kid you not) we will be gone for 5 weeks.

    As for the incubator chookies only 2, and one died. but we have 1 extra little soul that Ginger hatched. The silkies have gone broody and I have exchanged their eggs with orpington eggs. I definately don’t want anymore silkies, or XXX’s

    We have had 80 mms of rain the last 3 weeks, and this is the reason for all the healthy grass and the fertilizer I put down.:) Heard a great name for a sheep today (bit corny) Victor as in victor lawnmowers.

    Told ya. Have a great Christmas if I don’t see ya.


    50 posts? Bro – no wonder you’ve been working on it for so long!!! That sounds like a massive job. *insert sweaty phewy smiley*

    Love the name Victor for a sheep. :tup:


    Herbie that only the one stretch, There was 89 down the other and another 80 & areas around the veggie patch and garden. Maybe I should count them and report back. Better not add up the cost so far either.:o


    Thought I just update before the years over. Heading up to the farm for a full 5 weeks, plenty of feed for the sheep there, so we have to make good use of it while it green and lush.

    Finally most of the post should be concreted and painted by the end of January, We putting wire strand for now but will replace with rails when we get reject hardwood. No money for that atm.

    Just bought a gas/electric fridge for the farm, it’s nice and big … and should do us nicely when we move in one day. Just another goal ticked off. There are a few goals we will have done if the weather is good. Need concil requirements and forms to start with application for building (Council stuff) got to start somewhere I suppose. I blogged about setting goals for myself for 2010 and there I got a list of stuff as long as my arm.

    We had a few chicken born in the last few days and I am very pleased as they are black orpingtons. Any roosters are going to be dinner for sure.

    So if you don’t hear from me. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See ya next year.


    Well I am back in Sydney again. Could have stayed the extra week but DH reigned in his stray wife, I think it my cooking he missed:lol: Now I just reread my last post, and I already told you all about my new secondhand gas fridge, what a lovely fridge, so pleased with it.:tup: Remember We don’t have power or townwater on our block;)

    The sheep had a great feed … only they wrecked all my corn and potatoes and munched all the sweet potatoe vines, but that ok it will all grow out again… in pumpkin patch veggie enclosure. Then finally we had their new “Crownland” area properly enclosed with strands of wire on new posts … it poured on and off for days while DS and DH were doing all the work. But when they moved in we never hear any more Bahs from them again….The area has lasted well with 11 sheep eating. Only one more problem Dogs and Dingos, someone warned me about them just as DH was heading back to Sydney, so I bought a roll of dog wire and asked a local farmhand to put it up for me. I learnt more from him about fencing the correct way … he had a good giggle anyway. Glen did some more work clearing around the containers mostly lantana with a tractor and bucket.:tup:

    DH built the framework to my new bush kitchen with my old buttercup yellow cast iron zink, which (framework) I promptly painted white, now he just needs to enclose it, make some doors and add a extra shelf. and connect the plumbing. 2 weatherboard walls went up and roof extended to enclose the kitchen. Now all I need is a little gas water heating system to run for the zink and shower … then I could go feral:lol: no more washing in the round tub and boiling water on the gas;)

    Orpingtons have just increased by 2 chicks … Tally now 7 chicks this summer … first time mum will be looking after them. I am ok with this as they are strong little ones. Lets hope there a few pullets amongst them.

    Nelson the Ram got lucky and 3 ewes joined him in his paddock, he’s very excited curling his top lip up sniffing the air and piddling everywhere ………. just wondering what they got to say about it all. (got a headache) That’s it for now 🙂


    Just a short update, We lost another ewe, not exactly sure why, could have been a snake I think. And she was one that was due to have a lamb this year. Well you lose some I suppose. After a good few days of rain, the grass has shot up and there more feed than the sheep can eat. So now we cut back on the supplement stuff Now it would be great if we had baby rams this year, I would need to sell them just to recope some money, for all the feed and vet bills, but then little girls would be great too.

    This weekend I got an appointment with the veggie patch, it is in a sorry state atm, thats if it does’t rain.:)


    I am so over this snake problem 3 red belly blacks and 1 brown in 2 weeks. Come on it’s no joke anymore. We decided to buy a container to clear the carport, going to be a massive job all the while keeping an eye out for more snakes. RBB must have got our persian cat but got a mouth full of hair and got venom on his coat, as cat do cleaned himself and digested the poison, needless to say we nearly lost him. $950 later(tests,drips boarding at the vet for 6 days) but he is pulling through. Today we lost one of the new ewes, snakes!!! At this rate the shearer might not have to drench and crutch them on saturday.

    There have been heaps of reports about snakes being aggressive and very agitated this year, seasons to long they say. This can be part of climate change don’t you think.?? Just one more problem to think about: … one does not think about snakes needing to go hibernate. The vet reckons the adults are the problem right now. Maybe just accidently drive over them with the mower?????:rip:


    It’s been sometime now since I been here, so unless you been following me on the blog, you woun’t know we started building “mobile ” cottages or weekenders for a better dscription. Rose cottage is for guests/friends Nilo and Des, They stuck in the city also wanting to escape to a country block somewhere. They have been a great help so far. Lavender cottage is our temp home until the main cottage will be built oneday. We are using as much recycled products/materials as possible. Tomorrow I pick up my gas (Lpg) stove bought from my small change challenge started about 2 years ago here. Do you still remember that post?I am still to decide on my next challenge/goal

    We heading up to the farm next weekend to do a little more fencing and just a general tiding up with the brush cutter, the grass and weeds have got a little out of hand.:o


    About time I return to the forum folds, and say hi to you again.

    We’re nearing the end of winter here in Sydney, still a few cold nights but the days are very nice. Today My friend Des and I started getting the veggie patch in shape for summer planting. Des has’nt have a patch atm cause they renting. I had bought a few seedings from Bunnings 6 beefsteak, 2 Roma 4 cherry tomatoes which Des planted in the half barrels, My vision of the expensive corragated raised beds.

    All it is 200lt steeldrums cut in half and a split hose pipe around the top, but better still you can buy half drums that have the nice rolled edge on top. Drill a few holes for drainage Cost $20.00 A slap of paint if you worried about it rusting.

    Anyway to get back to the garden, we planted beetroot, more tomatoes, sweetcorn,radishes, peas, cucumber, lemon grass and goose berries. Composted sheep poop and hay from last season’s lambing had composted nicely and was ready to be used in the garden. Des prepared raised bed no 5 mixing old soil, compost and more top soil from the nursery, with the rotory hoe, this is where we planted the sweetcorn.

    The hens are laying 6/8 eggs a day atm but that should improve as the pullets get a little older. Hen 13 Roosters 5 (not for long)One is getting fattened for the pot. 1 Broody silky with 3 orpington eggs. I have sold eggs to my fellow workmated and the egg money goes to buy chook food again. I am hoping for a few more orpington chooks this summer, maybe a few for the pot too.

    We are expecting 3 suffork lambs anyday now, I let the girls in very late with Nelson, while the neighbours ram jumped the fence and forsure did the deed with the other two ewe’s. Not happy cause that would be a mixed breed, let’s just hope it boys. Daisy the goat is fully grown and is just the sweetest thing ever.

    George spent a week in hospital with 2 huge ulcers on his foot from diabetese, they nearly amputated his toe and still after 9 weeks we are struggling to get him fully up and about again. so very little has been happening at the farm. Once again it is always wise to get a second opinion.

    Well that’s all news for now.


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