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Laser Eye Surgery or stockpiling glasses?

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    I’ve been debating for the last week or so about getting Laser Eye Surgery. I’m fairly badly short sighted and need glasses 100% of the time.

    Thinking about a peak oil crash and the essay Bootstrapper posted the link to a few weeks ago, I was considering how beneficial having my eyesight restored would be.

    Looking at the future 10 or 20 years from now, I don’t see us having access to much health care at all, and if I smash my glasses then I’ll be left virtually useless (and defenceless). Even if I have a few spare sets it’s still a big risk over such a long period of time.

    So the option is to spend about $6,000 on eye surgery and fix my eyes to the point where I won’t need glasses for at least another decade or so, or leave them they way they are and collect a few spare sets of glasses to last me into old age.

    One of the serious things to consider with this sugery is that by my mid 40’s I’ll need reading glasses if I get the procedure done. But assuming I won’t have access to reading glasses this will leave me unable to read.

    And if my eyes change over time I’ll still become short sighted and still might need glasses for long distances as well, but I wouldn’t be able to use my current glasses because my prescription would have changed.

    …hang on a second, I think I’m talking myself out of the operation.

    It would be much easier and significantly cheaper to stockpile a few cheap pairs of glasses than go for a very expensive option that may leave me in a more difficult situation in the future when i would rely on good vision even more than i do now.

    Given that 50% of Australians require glasses I’m sure that stockpiling at least one or two sets of glasses for future use could be a very sensible thing to do given current forecasts.

    And with oil reaching $106/barrell this week we might have less time to prepare than most people think.



    But then again if you got that $6,000 laying around you might as well get it done so you can have good sight for another 10 years or so and still collect glasses.


    Peaky RamonePeaky Ramone

    Hi RW

    I was interested to read about the laser surgery in Ferfal’s article too. Both DH and I had laser correction in the last two years (I waited a year to see if he would go blind before having mine done :lol:). Can’t believe we waited so long, it is very liberating.

    Even our perfect vision will deteriorate with age but I’m sure we could get by with those magnifying spectacles from the chemist or dollar shop if necessary when the time comes. We also save a fortune by being able to buy of the shelf sunglasses as opposed to many hundreds of dollars for script sunnies.

    As far as stockpiling your prescription glasses, your eyes will continue to change with age and those ones might be useless to you :confused:

    Anyway, we had ours done at a very reputable surgery in Sydney for $1000 per eye. Bargain! And the care was excellent.

    PM me if you’d like the details.

    They also load you up with medication to takehome for the recovery stage (the sort of stuff that is VERY useful for the stockpile).




    Thanks Ginny. I’ll PM you shortly for those details. $2K isn’t that much when you consider I just spent $500 on a new pair of sunnies.



    Road warrior i had the laser treatment about 3 years ago. It was either that or get the boobs reduced. 14e. I did the eyes. I have a terrible thing about eyes. But i was really brave:|, I was so tense though the whole thing(about 15minutes)my whole body was soooo sore. I came out after the treatment and i could see, i was crying. I had be wearing glasses since high school. It was the best money i have ever spent.

    Remember if you spent over $2000 or even $1000 on medical expenses you get 20% back on tax. Because i got $800 back at tax time. Just double check that figure.:geek:


    Oh my God… I’m so freaked out by this procedure. You guys are so brave. I would love to have it done (like Roadwarrior, I have pretty severe shortsightedness and without my glasses I’d be a goner). I’ve just read so many less than positive stories about it. 🙁


    Ginny, I don’t think the “dollar” shops will still be around when the time comes…Maybe the $20 shop.

    As far as I am aware I have 20/20 vision..but now any old specs I find are going into my stockpile…may also be great to barter with also

    Blessings to you all


    Peaky RamonePeaky Ramone

    Wow, the list of things to stockpile grows daily!


    I’m slightly short-sighted. So slight in fact, that surgery would make my eyes worse rather than improve my vision. I’ll stick with specs. :tup:


    Both myself and Ms. B have astigmatism, the laser surgery is still in its infancy for this condition. Im going to have to wait awhile.

    Peaky RamonePeaky Ramone

    I had astigmatism and it worked fine. :tup:


    Just make sure you REALLY read the possible problems associated with laser vision.

    I decided to have it done just over 12 months ago at one of the most reputable laser eye surgeries in Sydney.

    I had the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes and it was suggested that I have those removed as the first part of the corrective surgery.

    Six weeks after the first cataract was removed I had a detached retina qhich required major surgery and could have resulted in total loss of vision in the eye.

    Although only a 1:100 chance of happening it did happen to me.

    The retinal specialist I had said that most people who have laser surgery end up needing glasses anyway over time.

    Hate to sound negative because I have heard really positive experiences as well.


    Peaky RamonePeaky Ramone

    That’s true. Even “corrected” eyes age the same way as everybody elses. When our lenses get old they lose the flexability to expand and contract enough to see close up hence the need for reading glasses.


    I need glasses for long distance. The pair I wear most of the time mainly while I drive so I can see the cars in front. I paid over $400 for them but I am not happy all the gold on the side has come off and is rough feeling. Also they were supposed to darken as I go into the sun. They did and stayed that way.

    My sister talked me into going to her eye place in Victoria so I couldn’t return them. I have had them changed to clear but with a glare proof on the them.

    I now own 5 pairs I pick up at the opshop for between $1 and $4 a pair. Most are suitable for my eyesight but I still get them checked by my doctor and get them adjusted to my vision.

    I have thought about getting my eyes lasered but I know of people who have had it done has failed and they have ended up blind from it.


    I am myopic and had a considerable difference in the distance I could see in one eye versus the other. I paid $4000 14 years ago to have mine done and thank the goddess I did every day (ok not every day, but still am amazed by how well I can see even now).

    I’m almost 43 and text is starting to blur slightly so in a few years, I may need reading glasses, this was always almost a given though (doesn’t everyone need them eventually?)

    I reckon I’ve well and truly saved the cost of the surgery by now. Plus not having to worry about buying, finding, cleaning, wearing glasses is a huge consideration.

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