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    Hi alsers, anyone grown and / or eaten Kohlrabi? It looks a bit alien to me but am interested in any comments about taste, productivness etc. Cheers porgey.


    Tough as old boots…. in a good way 😉

    It’s a really hardy plant, but can be prone to aphids on the leaves like all brassicas. The beauty of it is that you can just wash the aphids off the leaves… they’ve got no where to hide like broc and cauli etc.

    The bulbous part looks a bit like turnip… but tastes nothing like it. It’s really nice steamed and mashed in with other veg like potato or sweet potato.

    My favourite way to have it is roasted…. has a sweet taste when roasted….

    Roasted Khol Rhabi soup is awesome.

    Taste… hmmmm that’s a hard one… it’s quite distinct… kinda like a cross between a jerusalem artichoke and a potato… but not. :confused:

    You can steam and use the leaves and stems whilst the ‘bulbous’ bit is growing. So all in all, a very versatile, productive and hardy plant.

    I’ve grown it for the last couple of years… and the kidlets and I just sowed some more seeds yesterday. Looking forward to this years crop as it’s from seeds we saved ourself.



    Yes I really like grows well.. the taste is sweet bit like eating broccoli of cabbage stalks.


    Thankyou both very much I will give it a try. Would anyone like to swap some Kohlrabi seeds? I have some milkmaid nasturtium, sweet pea (mix of tall & short), moon & stars watermelon (they where a cracker this year, still eating the fruit) and some snow pea seeds (both tall & short) to swap. Any swappers most appreciated, cheers porgey.


    I’ll see what I have left Porgey… I had my 3yr old and 7yr old helping me with the seed planting, and I know a couple of jars of seeds went a cropper… If I can salvage any I’ll send them to you… PM me your address.

    Anything else you’re interested in… I have some Luffa seeds (you don’t plant them out til spring but they grow great guns… my vines are still going strong and producing.) I’ve also got some spare aust oak leaf lettuce, freckles bunt lettuce, purple heirloom carrots (the ones that taste nice cooked but not raw)… hmm think that’s about it for the spare seeds… the rest I planted out yesterday. 😀


    Porgey – I owe you already – I’ll send you some kohl rabi seeds. I have purple and white varieties. PM me your addy again as I’m not sure where I put yours. We love kl – tastes like cabbage without the bother of pests. We used it grated in coleslaw, diced in salads, sliced in stir-frys, roasted & the young leaves are good too. One of the easier brassicas to grow :tup:


    My friend grows this I haven’t had any luck with it.

    She slices it thick rubs it with real butter and cooks it in the micro wave till just cooked. Yummy:metal:


    Erthgirl & Bel, thanks for your kind offers, most appreciated. I will give that a go Robyne when I grow some, hopefully! Cheers porgey.


    I grate up Kohl Rabi and add to salads and coleslaws and also cut it up to use as a vegie dip stick along with carrots.

    Very hardy, very yummy and quite unusual.



    I just love the stuff and eat it every which way with my favourite being grated and eaten raw. I have found that you need to harvest prior to the ‘bulb’ becoming bigger than a tennis ball otherwise it’s very fibrous.

    Another great thing that I’ve used it for is as a decoy plant for white cabbage moth. I took the attitude that I wasn’t really after the leaves so let the moths have them. I still had a pretty good harvest of bulbs even if the leaves did look really ratty. They did their job with decoying pretty successfully with minimal damage to other plants. Lucky me they grow year ’round here. Good luck with ’em, they’re fabulous.




    Yes, great veg. C is right. No larger than a tennis ball , otherwise you will get cricket balls. The first Kohl Rabi I met was a cricket ball, I’m so glad I tried a small one later. Very versatile and very tasty.


    I love we grow it and try it grated on a salad when small and tender


    Seems to be the ‘veg of the year’. I saw it mentioned so many times on tv and in magazines I thought I would try it too this year. I bought some seedlings a couple of weeks ago that are still waiting to go in the veggie garden – when I get those weeds out 😐


    I recieved some wonderful seeds (Kohl Rabi, Luffa & Red Carrot) & information in the mail today from Elisa in WA. I suspect it is you Erthgirl and I thank you very much.:D I hope to plant some this weekend hopefully. So whoever was kind and motivated to send me the seeds please let me know as I would at least like to know so I can say thanks and best wishes. Cheers porgey. :tup:


    Yep it was me Porgey.


    Cheers and happy gardening. :hug:

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