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king parrots – control of or detering?

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    ok all,

    our fauna is foremost in my mind ad we do what we can to keep them away from our growing areas ie.,. fence for roos, wabblies; hares etc.

    but teh king parrot as pretty as they are, are the decimaters of food plants fruits of all sorts, many report they never see a tomato, capsicum, loqut, apples stone fruits you name, they should be the fattest birds in the bush but they are trim taught and ‘triffic. first time one male sat almost on my shoulder he was eying off green fruit on our one and lonely tom bush.

    so how to persuade them to eat elsewhere?

    any suggestions please, one gardener grows all his vege’ stuff under green house thing we plan that but money very short so maybe not until next year, by then we would have grown stuff this season and not eaten any. people try covering trees with bird netting they chew through and then get inside and feast away.

    so what now all good suggestion gratefully accepted.

    some ahve even said when they throw a stone and hit the bird it either doesn’t leave or comes back


    I can hear some here right now! Probably in the loquat trees!!

    I don’t think they go for my ground level plants here , don’t know why though , if yours do.Maybe mine haven’t learnt that trick yet.We do have a cat, but he’s seldom in the fenced veg area, usually only when I am in there myself, but perhaps that does deter them just knowing he’s around somewhere.

    I know many people will disagree with this, and don’t want to discuss it here -there’s a whole thread somewhere about it – but we do have high up bird feeders well away from the veg, hanging from a large tree , that the kingies — and lorikeets, galahs,brush turkeys, cockatoos,rosellas, crested pigeons , peace doves etc etc – all visit.And the possums finish up the leftovers at night.We only feed commercial wild bird mix , about $19 for 20kg and we don’t put it out every day.If we are away of course they miss out too.Also we have a large farm across the road so our gain may be the farmer’s loss!


    There’s only 3 solutions kill them all,cage everything or grow 100 times more than you need.

    I love them but boy are they destructive,they eat a lot of my tomatoes and capsicums.

    I net the fruit trees and the tomatoes and capsicums.

    I built a giant gage around the veggies out of twigs and bird net.

    It worked well for over a year until the Jicama weighed it down and collapsed it.

    Long term I will build a cage out of star pickets 2 inch ag pipe and chicken wire.

    its a fair investment(probably about $300 to $500 ) that should pay for itself in one growing season.


    None of the parrots here eat my garden. I have one high up feeder.But they mainly walk on the lawns, and eat the sheeps oats. But they are not pesty here. I only have to net the berries in summer to keep other birds away, but the parrots have never gone for them.


    when we were last in rural we had a feeder, bad choice then the kingies came as pretty as can be, once the daily seed ration was gone they hit or tomatos, then we had to contend with common coels damaging our stone fruits, and fig birds eating the mulberries. so in my process of chasing crows our dogs got the idea and learnt the calls and started chasing the crows, they don’t like that so they were out of our life so then once i stopped feeding i started chasing the kingies and the coels then the fig birds and our dogs took up the charge they would hear them coming from afar and head them off at the pass.

    but no dogs to that job at present, so we will need to build a poly hoop cover over our vege beds, dunno about individual fruit trees, not sure were we will end up but not growing food is out of the question at the end of the day we need to eat, better quality than what can be bought. i got face to face with that male this morn’ and so far he hasn’t been back, also put some chick wire around the fruiting tom’ and put some tall planted potted plants as well, can hardly see the tom’s at present. maybe a sling shot? or one of those pump up water pistols, a paint ball thingy hey, gotta be careful we have silly laws.



    I am going to go with the fencing in idea as the cheeky beggars are as bold as brass and will sit on the vege garden fence munching away with me within grabbing distance (i think they know they are safe). We have bird feeders so its not like they are starving.


    They are only rare visitors here – so stuck in the “ooh pretty” phase, though I know neighbours feed them (maybe why they ignore my place).

    Star pickets with poly pipe arches and bird netting is cheaper than a green house. But you need to patrol – you or dogs/cats (I dunno if they react to odour – dumping urine (easier for blokes) around the perimetre) maybe geese around it. Experiment to find king parrot foods and bring those closer to house under guard.

    Offering them food nearby is only going to let them multiply – regulars looking for extra snacks.

    To deter you need to startle them loud noise, activity, maybe a high power water soaker would help. Maybe you could throw something that makes a sound – bamboo sticks not to hit just startle. Look at bird scarers – maybe something small scale you could set off when see them.


    If cash is short, ask everyone you know if they have scrap chicken/bird wire, old fishing nets, old net curtains, bits of flywire and shade cloth and pickets, wire, string, anything you could build tunnels, cages and other deterrents from. Do you have a dump shop that will sell stuff for next to nothing, talk to people that do rubbish removal, ask for permission to take stuff from building sites that may have useful stuff. 

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