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    These guys lived in the car for several months, then I cut some popcorn (that’s what they’re growing on) out, and put it in a bag of shredded paper moistened with coffee and milo. This was later added to the coir blocks in the earlier photos, and now they’re growing in my vege garden on woodchips:tup:


    WOW :jawdrop: i just found this thread dont know how i missed it i like the others will put my hand up would love to know how to grow these


    I’ve bought the 50g spawn ( Mr. Fothergill’s) pink oyster , inoculated a few wheat grain sterilized jars and the result was horrible.
    And I mean it when I say sterile jars , pressure cooked for 1 1/2 hrs , still air box , gloves , alcohol and bleach spray , you name it.
    A week after inoculation the results were horrible.
    Not only that none of the 7 jars shown no sign of oyster mycelium growth but there was absolutely not a single millet grain showing any sign of mycelium.
    On the other hand , bacteria infestation was visible after 3 days.
    I did not expect such disastrous results . 
    Cheaper, better and faster results can be achieved by inoculating grains with live mycelium from the middle of the stem (it’s sterile too ).
    A small tray of oyster mushrooms is less than 5 bucks and some shops sell even small trays of 3 different kinds for a few bucks.
    Way better results if proper sterile procedure is followed.  


    I bought some mushroom boxes from bunings and nothing happened.I think it was either they got cooked in the truck or the warehouse.Amazingly I get mushrooms growing wild in my garden even years later after using mushroom compost.The temp is wrong,the light is wrong, the watering is wrong but they sprout. Its got me stumped,Im just going to scatter more mushroom compost and hope I get lucky with more varieties.Had some great mushrooms come out of some cardboard in the compost bin,so spores are everywhere,Its just the fear of making the right id as to what is good and what is deadly thats holding me back.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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