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    Did anyone else watch this programme on the ABC Tuesday evening about the Delhi slums? :jawdrop: :jawdrop: 1 million people living in a square mile . :jawdrop: Confronting , amazing, by no means all “bad” , and very thought provoking about the human condition and how we organise ourselves on this planet. And here am I and DH , just two people rattling around on 6 acres because we can, and we chose to do so………….there’s a second installment next Tuesday evening.


    Yes I seen it, the film ”Slumdog Millionare” was based on it.

    The western society do need a shake up I cant say I want for anything I have a roof over head etc


    I saw it, very enjoyable to watch and eye opening, I enjoyed the way Kevin showed us how they live, stayed with them, ate with them and allowed some humour to come through too. I thought it was hilarious how he had to carry that TV on his back as payment so he could get access to those very early slums and how he took a dislike to the rats around the place.

    I will be watching next week for sure.


    It’s amazing how in the middle of chaos the Indian people can organize themselves so well, in some regards, in Mumbai the Dabbawallahs can delivers hundreds of thousands lunches from the workers homes to their offices everyday with a minimum of education and errors. The same with the Dhobiewallahs who go around all the hotels and collect all the peoples washing and have an intricate system of marking them with threads, then all the blue things are taken and all the yellow things etc are washed in colour coded bundles and then the tourists receives all their own clothing back without error beautifully cleaned. It’s amazing. The thing that is also stunning is how the people are immaculately dressed looking fresh and clean when they live in such squalor.


    😐 It’s a real eye opener isn’t it. When on holidays in Fiji many years ago our tour bus had to drop someone back to a resort out of the way, we drove past similar there this family was living in a burnt out house nothing in it and next to the garbage tip, then the next day flew back into Sydney… one respect we don’t realise how good we have it, in the other they are way ahead of us in community and so many other areas. And here I live in a cozy house typing on my computer living on 4 acres…..


    I went to India on business 18 months ago (Bangalore) – an eye-opener indeed. While I didn’t see slums on this scale, I did see little tent cities – and I mean tents made out of sheet metal and tarps – perched on vacant plots of land, in the same streets as gated apartment complexes. It’s certainly a land of contrasts. The good bits are utterly fascinating and the bad bits…well, they make you very grateful for what you have.


    Certainly does make you grateful doesn’t it rommie. After looking at this tonight I walked out through my lovely home, through the spacious front door, which actually has a door unlike some of those homes in India, over the green grass (not sewer canals) to my large vege garden (I don’t know how many of those houses would fit in my veg garden 😐 )to pick some fresh lettuce to go with our dinner which was eaten in hygenic surroundings at a table (not on the floor)……then we washed up with clean water from taps (not water from pipes running over the sewer collected that morning) and stacked the dishes in the dishwasher to be washed and sterilised, now the kids are in a bath with clean water and we will all sleep in beds with linen and mattresses (not on the floor with only a sheet (if you’re lucky)), makes you think twice about how grateful we really should be for what we have doesn’t it. So often we hear those whinging about not having the latest and greatest yet they are so happy with so little. Puts the whole survival stocking of all our mod cons into a little more perspective too.


    We enjoyed it too. I wish there were a way to keep the good bits and remove the health hazards… I can’t believe (well, I can, seeing the sorts of conditions) that doctors will treat up to 4000 cases per day of disease related to the sewarage and rubbish around them. :noapprove:

    I just wonder how it would translate to a community in the West? Can you imagine if for some reason you had to move into a place like this? We’re so used to our space and privacy – not to mention mod-cons! – that I think it would be a rude shock to the system.


    My word. would it ever!! We live on a small grassy acreage because tewnty years ago we had the means to purchase it. We value space, privacy, rural views to the horizon, lots of large trees, fresh clean air , wildlife , fresh eggs and home grown veg, plus basic mod cons ……………….I know I would even find a forced transition to one of our cities difficult …………….


    BlueWren wrote:

    I know I would even find a forced transition to one of our cities difficult …………….

    Me too bluewren, and we’ve only been here for approx 5 yrs, I think I’d even struggle to go back to suburbia let alone a city, let along living in an environment like that 😮 we are so very spoilt!


    I missed it, but saw similar stuff years ago woking around some parts of Asia. We are very rich!



    You can watch it online at ABC iView

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