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    Thanks miaowzen I will give it a try with the canned coconut milk and see what happens. I tasted it this morning and the coconut milk had a different taste to it. I’m thinking of trying it in a smoothie with banana’s and berries. Did I see that you have a tribest personal blender set? I tried the cheap rocket blenders, which were great until I found black stuff appearing in my food, so it instantly got thrown out. If I make smoothies I find I don’t hae time to drink before work, so would like to take in something.


    Yep I have a tribest. I use it a lot!! Great investment, but I was working when I bought it. They’re not cheap. I like blending kefir in the before drinking to smooth out any lumps.

Viewing 2 posts - 271 through 272 (of 272 total)
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