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    I always have spare milk kefir grains grown on raw goat milk.


    I made some lemon flavoured kefir cheese over night and had half of it for lunch, on dry biscuits with beetroot and tomato. Yumm. :woohoo: So simple, easy and healthy AND cheap. :clap: :clap:

    The various dips I really like I now make with kefir cheese except hommus of course :S

    :laugh: :laugh:

    I had so much water kefir in the fridge I had to put the grains into respite care for a while. 🙂 It’s so good to have healthy, tasty, fizzy drinks on hand AND they don’t appear to impact on my blood glucose levels at all. :woohoo: That is such a plus!!!

    :laugh: :woohoo: :laugh:

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Yay Bobbs… I’m so glad re: the water kefir and blood glucose levels… awesome :hug:

    I’ve had my grains stuck in a jar since before xmas… just revived them… they’re good as gold…

    You are the kefir Queenie :hug: :tup: :kiss:


    I read the first 8 pages or so and then skipped to the end… Sounds so interesting and love the people are getting great results from it.

    I get my first exposure to kefir yesterday from mudhen (thank you :)) and now brewing my first batch of water keffir, which I am keen to try.

    I am wondering with milk kefir, can you use rice milk or coconut milk instead of cows milk?


    Hi Kristy, glad you are venturing into the kefir scene. I don’t know about the rice milk or coconut milk for the milk kefir, I can’t remember if we have talked about it earlier on this thread. Sorry.

    You could try googling Dom’s Kefir site, he has heaps of info. Or maybe just google’ using rice milk for milk kefir’. :shrug: Hope you let us know what you find out Kristy. Best of luck with that. :hug:

    Or maybe someone who knows will see your question here and give you some answers. :tup:


    Thank you Bobbee for taking the time to respond, had a quick look and it seems like it may be able to be done, but I may continue experiementing with the water kefir, made my first batch, but wasn’t fizzy, wonder if the bottle wasn’t air tight, now making a second in a different bottle to see if that will have the fizz.

    Also I read that you can store the grains in a strong water mixture in the fridhe, which is what I am trying…


    I was reading through this and I was wondering for those that have and use the water kefir, how long do you like to ferment yours for? I have only been plying around for the last week and a half and I like mine to go for 2 days on first ferment and 3 to 5 days for the second.

    I was worried about my grains too as they didn’t seem to be growing but with the last batch they did a little but in this batch going now they have doubled in size in 24 hours.

    I wonder if little miss Muffet was eating kefir curds and whay?


    Hi! I’ve been reading through the adventures of everyone with their kefir grains both milk and water and I’m keen to try!

    I was just wondering where I should get them? I read something about people not getting them when ordering from Dom, so just wondering whether or not to do that.

    Any thoughts?


    I’m getting back into experimenting with the water kefir again. My grains don’t seem to be growing, but I think I’ll try the eggshell trick and see if this helps them to grow.

    I have unsweetened pineapple juice I bought for my sourdough starter, so have added pineapple juice into the water kefir, second ferment and see how that tastes… I love the grape juice water kefir. Has anyone had much luck with giner flavoured water kefir and does it taste similar to ginger beer at all?

    TinRG where are you located? Sometimes people have spare grains that they can post if you supply sels addressed envelope and container. I am only onto my 3rd batch so quite a newbie into kefir, but having fun!


    Hi Kristy, thanks for the reply!

    I’ve found a friend of mine who has milk kefir grains, just waiting for hers to multiply enough to be split, so now I’m just looking for the water grains.

    I’m located around the Seven Hills area in Sydney – if anyone happens to be within posting distance of that I would be thrilled!

    It sounds like a lot of fun – I love having things growing and fermenting in my kitchen 😀

    Good luck with the ginger flavoured kefir water 😀


    That’s great that you have found the milk grains. It is so much fun experimenting!

    The ginger kefir is nice, but not as strong with ginger as I would have liked. I will add double the ginger next time. I was hesitant adding too much as I know how strong a little bit of ginger can be. It is very refreshing!


    I used to make kefir all the time and kept it out of the fridge under an air lock so that most of the lactose would get pre-digested. I am lactose intolerant. Still, I had to stop though as I found that if I drank in the volumes required to keep the milk fresh I still had lactose intolerance 🙁

    I had a great idea this week though. I can buy lactase in drops which converts lactose into galactose and glucose. If I add it before making the kefir, then the yeasts and bacteria can happily digest glucose and galactose instead and I should be able to safely drink the kefir!

    I have grains saved in the freezer so it will be interesting to see if it restores well enough. This is also a way to have lactose-free fresh cheese 🙂


    Good luck Miaowzen! I’ve got plenty of milk grains if your frozen ones haven’t survived.


    I read somewhere I think or hope that you can use coconut milk with the milk kefir grains, so have just put on to test tonight. I’ll be keen to compare the taste between the cows milk and the coconut milk kefir.


    Kristy normally you use the water inside a young (shaved) coconut for that, although runny canned coconut milk should work too.

    Don’t buy anything with sugar added unless you want alcohol. (I’m allergic to alcohol so when I used young coconut from Asian grocery my kefir gave me a rash)

    I only just saw your post mudhen, thanks!! My kefir seems to be unfreezing ok, but slowly… I dehydrated them and put them in milk powder before freezing them. I have my fingers crossed.

Viewing 15 posts - 256 through 270 (of 272 total)
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