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    Yayayay! I can’t wait for my kefir grains to turn up in the post! :woohoo: :hug:


    BlueWren post=336479 wrote: STEVEN!!! You don’t improve…………it shows up in every thread eventually :laugh: :laugh:

    So, do clip top jars allow excess gas to release? Aren’t they too tight as well? Can’t I just use a cloth cover and rubber band? Or should I always have a firm lid for all ferments?I have just been using cloth.

    Should second ferments separate? Mine is.Do you just stir it all back together? I am trying a lemon rind one.Maybe I’m headed for lemon flavoured chees……..or chook, chook, chook………..

    Do you do all the fermenting in the dark? I have been doing mine on the kitchen bench away from any sun and covered with a very dark towel.Please don’t say “put it in a cupboard” although I do need to clear out a couple a bit! 🙂

    Oh dear, thanks for leaving me to carry the can Stevo……. :S :laugh:


    1. I was taught that second ferment goes into a clip top and rubber band thingy jar. There are NO grains in a second ferment so presumably that means it won’t explode. Mine never have.

    1a. You can try the second ferment with just a cloth if you want to BlueWren. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    1b. FIRST ferments only have a cloth, or stocking in my case, over the top.

    2. Second ferments certainly can separate, some of mine do. Stir it all back together, it is fine. Check your second ferments early in your case BlueWren as your kefir seems to work very quickly. When I say check, I mean taste test it.

    2a. The lemon tastes just great and a lemon cheese sounds marvellous. Bugger the chookens, you eat it!!!!!!!!!

    3. You can ferment in a cupboard or on the bench, probably anywhere really. Wherever it is convenient for you.

    Remember it is your stuff. Experiment a bit as you get going, I do all the time. If your kefir is working so fast BlueWren you are probably getting good growth with your grains. Put some in another jar and try something different if you want to.

    Or just keep some grains for emergency’s or to swap with. Put excess grains into a jar with a screw top lid. Put a cup of milk with the grains, screw on the lid, put in the fridge. They keep for quite a while.

    I think I have covered what you asked, if not give me a ‘hoy’.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Pee Hess: Remember it is fun. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:


    Thanks a million Bobbee. :tup: All questions answered admirably.I’ll have a go at cheese tomorrow,but may have left it in the frig for too long, (it’s from the first crock pot batch, not the lemony second ferment one,) perhaps that’s why it tastes sour rather than tart.At least I know if it really doesn’t work the chooks will enjoy it so I am not totally wasting the milk, just recycling it! 🙂


    Dotty post=336545 wrote: Yayayay! I can’t wait for my kefir grains to turn up in the post! :woohoo: :hug:

    Have fun Dotty! It’s quite a journey……..


    RE: Water Kefir… from my (meagre)experience, I have always found it best to add the fresh fruit and ‘flavourings’ to the second ferment as opposed to the first. You run less risk of ‘tainting’ the grains…

    I always add the sugars and dried fruit to the first… and then either leave it plain for the second ferment… or add the freshly juiced flavourings… eg blueberry, raspberry etc.

    And I reckon, (after you’ve done the second ferment and put the water kefir in fridge), that it tastes schmicko if you can leave it for a fortnight to a month.


    I agree that it tastes schmicko Erthgirl. :clap: :clap:

    And it is so quick to make that you can get a supply going and it then becomes easy to keep it for a couple of weeks. :tup: :tup:

    Dotty I am sorry but I was taken out for the day today, I had a wonderful time but did not get your grains in the post. I will let you know when they are posted. 🙁 :pinch:

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    I have promised milk kefir grains to Dotty. For a few reasons I will not be able to fulfill that committment for some time.

    CAN SOME ONE ELSE, PREFERABLY A QLDer, Please send Dotty some grains. If you can, please pm Dotty and make the appropriate arrangements.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Wow..good to see the site up and running!

    It’s ok BB.

    I thank you for your time and the offer.


    ~Dotty. :kiss:


    It’s taken some perseverance but I have made a litre of kefir to my liking for banana smoothies. I might even bust out and buy some strawberries! I think I will just stay with that for a while.I think Woz’s crock pot suggestion has made all the difference in our high temperatures here.Looking on Dom’s wonderful site 30C is getting up on the high side for good fermenting, and we can get well over that.

    Dotty, my first batch of grains doesn’t seem to increasing much at the moment,but if I get excess I’ll pm you to see if you are still needing some.BTW read on Dom’s site of ways one can eat excess grains …….amazing!!


    Thanks for the PM’s guys.

    Been hellish busy in the last few days.

    Will get back when I get a bit more breathing space.




    A post from over at that other forum (Earth Garden)

    Tiddlypom wrote: This website has a free e-book of kefir recipes if you sign up to their newsletter – the link is top right of the page:

    I’m just downloading it now, haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but it’s 45 pages long so there should be a few good ideas in there 😀

    I downloaded the ebook. Looks very interesting…….


    mmmmmm…think I’ll give that a miss for now until I’ve perfected straight kefir! :dry:

    Now, this second ferment stuff. 🙂 If the first is stored in the frig, grains removed of course, does it second ferment at all while it’s in there? My last first ferment batch was fine in smoothies,but I put one cupfull out to second ferment and it split almost in minutes!! It’s still there looking quite evil …….more for the chooks.


    Hi BlueWren,

    My first ferment kefir milk continues to ferment when in the fridge, but it does so very slowly. I just notice the whey in the jars.

    The second ferment kefir milk will, I am sure, work much faster at your place as it is so warm there.

    You will, I reckon, need to check your second ferment as often as you check your first ferment, to check the taste and stop the fermentation when you like the texture and taste.

    Then either put the second ferment into the fridge to use as smoothies or whatever OR put the second ferment into the cloth/muslin/ strainer to drip the whey out and make cheese.



    Water Kefir:

    I am getting some wonderful tasting water kefir and it has great fizz. :tup:

    I have added fresh ginger plus ground ginger to some and it works well. Yesterday I added blueberry syrup to the mix, it is now in the fridge chilling. 🙂

    Today I added dark grape juice to the second fermentation and it is festering away nicely. Can’t wait to taste that one. :woohoo:

    I am thinking about trying just the 2 different sugars and the kefir grains for the first ferment to see what happens. :shrug: I would expect to get a base to add the different flavours that will give a more pure flavour, eg, grape or cranberry or whatever. :tup:

    I don’t know if the mix will work without the dried fruits, but it can’t hurt to try it.




    Does anyone have spare milk kefir granules to share with me please?

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