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    Hi Bobbles,

    I was the cheese ball mentioner haha :woohoo:

    I just use them straight away… the olive oil is only to keep the air off them… and obviously would infuse flavour, with the herbs etc…

    But no time period… just roll, store and eat? I’ve had my cheese balls rolled and stored in olive oil for a couple of months now… if anything, the taste of the cheese is a little ‘sharper’… but no noticeable difference.

    KatieK, be careful of raw garlic in olive oil… there’s a risk of botulism… some other preserving thread was talking about that… for the purposes of long term storage…garlic in vinegar bases is fine (but in oil bases can create all sorts of nasties.

    Your best bet for infusing garlic flavours into oil bases is dehydrated, granulated or powdered forms of natural garlic. :tup:

    If you’re using straight away, then no probs… I think issues only arrive if you’re storing the garlic/oil.

    Bobbs your chives/cheese garlic log sounds divine! :clap: :clap:



    Thanks Erthgirl, I knew someone had mentioned cheese balls in olive oil. And a big thanks for the tip re fresh garlic in olive oil as a health hazard, I did not know that and I have put garlic in the oil for the first lot of cheese I did. :sick:

    Will it be ok if I change the oil do you think (to keep, that is) or I suppose common sense would say that the garlicy oil is now on the cheese balls so we had better eat them soon? :S

    We have, over the years, preserved long capsicums and chilli in olive oil, rock salt and garlic. They have always been kept in the fridge until eaten and they did ‘go off’ in a few months, that must have been because of the garlic.

    Oh dear, the perils of preserving!!!!!!……. :S :sick:

    I’ll have to check my Italian Preserving Book and the Nourishing Traditions book for other ways to try the capsicums. It’s a pity ‘cos they are a favourite of Mr Bobbs, but I don’t want to push him off the perch before his time is up, I really quite like having him around. :kiss: :hug:



    The kefir I put in the frig and abandoned has now separated even in there! More goodies for the chooks tomorrow.They love it!!


    Hi Bobbs

    Here’s the most legitimate ‘link’ I could find re: garlic…

    It says if you use garlic in oil and store in the fridge then it will be OK to use within 1 week, but any longer and you still risk contamination from botulism.

    I personally just wouldn’t go there… as the danger lies in it being perfectly undetectable… you can’t smell nor see any difference in the end product… regardless of whether botulism bacteria are present or not.

    But things such as the beautiful garlic log you made… would be fine… I’m going to try that… it sounded divine! :hug: :tup:



    Thanks Erthgirl, what a bummer!! :S :sick:



    Thanks Earthgirl for the info on the raw garlic in olive oil. Will in future take your advice about using the granular stuff instead.

    When I dehydrate my tomatoes I usually add basil and chopped garlic to the dehydrator, and when done, put some in jars with olive oil.

    I’ve used the fresh garlic in olive oil for yonks with feta and olives – the oil is used to cook with and in salads. By the time the feta or olives are used up – so has the oil. We eat loads of salads and garlic here – and go through a jar of olives every couple of weeks – so it doesn’t sit around, and is always kept in the frig. Maybe it has something to do with how long people keep it, and if they are diligent about refrigeration … or maybe we have been lucky. But it’s certainly a good thing to be aware of.

    Also my apologies, Earthgirl for thinking Bobbee was talking about my post – didn’t mean to steal your thunder there. Had I looked back I would have realised. :blush:

    Those herb rolls sound absolutely deelish, Bobbee.


    Ah no need for apologies KatieK… :hug: :hug:

    Everyone is replying to everyone on here… we’re all sharing knowledge and working it all out… and that’s how it all should be…

    I should be the one apologising… I didn’t read your post properly either and was just replying to Bobbs post further back up the page. :blush:

    Keep the advice and experiences coming I say… I’ve learnt so much from you all… and it’s just awesome! :tup: :tup:

    Love love xx



    ‘And so say all of us’

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Just in case anyone is not aware of the warning re using fresh garlic in olive oil as a preservative – please read this :

    After making kefir cheese balls, I put them in the freezer to firm up a bit and they are now in a jar of olive oil with garlic, tiny toe (Ithink that’s their name) oven dried tomatoes and sprigs of basil mint and vietnamese mint. They will now have to be thrown out because:



    Here’s the link:



    Talking trees, thank-you,

    Shall contact you when I’m heading in your Maleny direction.

    Do you know the difference between water and other keffier?

    Bobbee was lovely and sent me keffier which is growing here now in milk.

    bye for now,

    Am currently experimenting with milk keffir which was kindly sent by

    TalkingTrees post=328236 wrote:

    am wondering if anyone has some kefir grains to spare?

    cheeky request but there ya go.

    I could swap for some honey?

    Live on the Sunshine Coast.

    Paridiso – I live up in Maleny, and have a ridulcous amount of Water Kefir to give away.. welcome any time, just bring a jar! I call them Frankenkefir coz they double in quantity every batch, and can grow bigger then my thumbnail in size! :hug: (Check out my photos)

    Its given me heaps of oppurtunities to do some experimenting – dehydrating for storage, coconut cream (curdling like the milk kefir does), wine (suposingly gets up to like 7% alchohol – enough to pickle my nostil hairs), 2nd fermentation fresh juiced combos etc

    I’ve been goin a lil kefir krazy.. keen to try out the vegetable fermentations! especially pickled ginger? .. and totally keen for the MEAD recipe if it’s out there! Two of my culinary passions combined! :tup:

    And other uses for excess grains? My fridges and friends are all stocked up!

    Happy to pass on any further info on the experiments if your interested! The very nature of kefir inspires sharin the love! :kiss: :laugh:



    Just had kefir and banana pancakes for lunch, were delish. And then a little light bulb went off in my mind, what about blintzes says I to myself. :tup:

    So I googled and they will be wonderful I reckon, but not for at least a week. I do try to be good. :S

    Here’s a link if any one is interested. Hope it’s live, if notjust run over it with your mouse and it will probably appear on your ‘search address bar’. 😉

    The kefir cheese is great and I use it for anything I would use a bought cream cheese for.

    I am making the next cheese with a lemon second fermentation kefir, hope it tastes good too. :tup:

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Had to Google Blintze and I think it = Jewish French crepe……………yes????

    I decided to give kefir another go after I got over the first episode……… :shrug: :shrug:

    So I bought some packaged milk instead of powdered and left it plus grains on the bench to reach room temp and for abour four hours in total and then put it in the frig.

    Left it there for several days and it tasted “possible” so I blended it with half a banana and some honey and it was really quite edible!!!

    A couple of days later and I just threw in half a banana, some vanilla essence and a small raw egg ………when it’s chilled it will be OK.

    So looks as though I can be a kefir lover after all.Trouble is as I have never tasted it before it’s impossible to know what it should taste like.I’ll try the frig method again with powdered milk.


    Yay! That’s great BlueWren. Another convert! 🙂

    Bobbs you do the most interesting things! And as I’m male and very interested in filling my stomach, I think I’m going to have to move to Victoria and become a regular visitor! 🙂


    BW gave me a taste of the milk the other day, – similar to yoghurt, and I quite liked it,

    not looking to have another go, but I did like it 🙂


    Oh come on Calliecat, you know you want to! 🙂

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