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    I am after some Kefir grains, wondered if anyone could send me some, am happy to pay postage or send seeds or whatever in return.

    Cheers Karma:D


    We’re on the same wavelength Karma! I’ve been reading up on Kefir lately. I’d love to get hold of some. I’ve read that it tastes somewhat like drinking yoghurt, but instead of 6 different cultures, kefir has 30! 🙂


    It is supposed to have great health benefits, has been around for centuries, I have asked at a few health food shops but they didn’t have any. Hope someone on here has some they can share.

    Cheers Karma:D


    I have some fresh grains that I could share but i am in NSW so I dont think they would survive the post, but if there is anyone close by 2540 I am happy to pass some on.

    You can purchase these dried from If my link doesnt work(I am not sure how to do it) just type in Doms kefir he also has heaps of great info on kefir.



    I’ve got both milk & water kefir grains I’m more than happy to send…but I’m in Melbourne, so not sure how well they’d do in the post?


    epiphany can you please send me some of your milk and water kefir grains. But wait for a week or so. I spoiled my last ones in the heat over summer and would love to start them up again. I am moving next Saturday but I would love to get them in the mail the following week, if you can spare some. I will send you my details, if you are okay about sending me some. I am moving to a place near Maryborough, so they should be fine in the mail.



    No worries, Kerri. Send me a PM with the details & I can send some to you once you’ve moved.

    I also have a kombucha scoby if you’re interested?


    If anyone else needs milk grains I have some to share. I bought mine fresh, direct from Dom here in Adelaide. They multiply very fast. I have sent some in double zip lock bags to country Vic express post with success. If you would like some, just pay for a small express post bag or I would love to trade for some water kefir grains or viili culture. I had some water kefir grains before but for some reason they just havn’et taken off and have actually dwindled to nearly nothing. I have sourced some jaggery locally so I would like to try again.




    amethyst…I tried to reply to your PM but your inbox is full. Will try again later, if you could archive a couple of messages so I can send it 🙂 Thanks.


    My Kefir grains have multiplied nicely so if you live near Ballarat / Maryborough I would be more than happy to share :tup:

    Just let me know 😉


    i tried making/growing them and they all died 🙁


    Have PM’d



    I have them also , if anyones near Mt Annan in NSW , my girlfriend gave me mine who in turn got them from a old russian lady …so could be any strain …I have been making berry smothies and using it in cooking when I have excess , especially savory muffins

    Hubby doesn’t want to try it ….But

    He got it in pancakes and muffins , I use it instead of milk or butter milk .

    They come out lovely and moist …..everyone wants to know how I get them so moist …..

    Its just our secret now , lol


    I tried and tried, but just don’t like drinking it :rip:


    harooney wrote:

    If anyone else needs milk grains I have some to share. I bought mine fresh, direct from Dom here in Adelaide.

    Happy that they do eventually turn up. I ordered mine 2 months ago and am still waiting :(:(:(

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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