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Keeping female Geese in semi-suburbia

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    Hi, I’ve heard that Geese can be too noisy for suburbia during breeding season, however, I only want two female embden geese on 3/4 of an acre. If they are not in  breeding pairs and therefore don’t have young, then would it be safe to say that a couple of female geese would be fairly quiet, or they constantly making noise anyway? My neighbours have not had geese before so they aren’t able to judge until I get them…. Any help appreciated 🙂


    Female Geese alone would be less noisy, but not quiet, they still call to each other. I can sometimes hear a neighbors geese and we are on rural blocks.
    I gess it comes down to, do your neighbors like the sounds geese make?


    Geese are generally pretty noisy.  Breeding pairs are always more noisy, but some individuals won’t be quiet no matter what.  Like Pinetree says it depends if your neighbours are ok with the noise. 

    Have you considered muscovy ducks instead of geese?  They are very goose like ducks, to the point where some people even try to convince you that they are a type of goose, and they are extremely quiet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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