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    Couldn’t help but show off my preserves, done April and May.

    Plain Apples x 19

    Wild apple Puree x 13

    Cold Water Ginger beer x 18

    Green Tomato Pickle x 8

    Family chutney x 2

    Apple Curry Chutney x 8

    Quince jam x 4

    Beetroot x 2

    Bread and Butter Pickles x 5

    Not shown 5 very large pizza size apple leather given to the grandchildren. Kept tiny bit for me and it was so yummy should have kept more.

    I have also made a batch of Beer which I dont even drink so thats dedication.:)

    Planned for July to make Cheddar Cheese, and Salami, Proscuitto,Sausages, Kabana and Cured hams, and Kranski. Be a first for the meats.:lol:

    If you are interested will keep you posted through the year with pictures.

    Hoping to do more Beetroot when the garden is ready

    and Pears when they get a bit cheaper. Will be in Melbourne for the last two weeks in June, forcing me to slow down. Hope I dont get withdrawals.:uhoh:



    What a silly question……………………….of course we are interested and the more piccies the better( to boot us in the bum and getting us making more of our own preserves:lol:)………..nice lot there Kasalia:tup:


    Wonderful! :clap:

    Tell us how you’ll do your meats? 😀


    I feel sick… :rip:

    WELL DONE!!! THey look so good. Did you grow all of it too!?! Feeling sick because I’m in awe and quite envious that my larder doesn’t look like that!



    Well done Kasalia, I’ll have to take a photo of my preserves and work out how to put it on here. Good work, I know how much goes in to doing it. :tup: Where do you get your labels?


    Well done Kasalia, I’ll have to take a photo of my preserves and work out how to put it on here. Good work, I know how much goes in to doing it. :tup: Where do you get your labels?


    Oh gosh what did I do?:shy:

    mary dollmary doll

    oh they look wonderful…..keep us posted on what you do next.

    this year i made my very first jar of eggplant and tomatoe relish. I was so pleased with myself….yeah i know it was only 1 jar, but a girl has to start somewhere…..


    Aaaargh!!! I have preserve envy:lol:


    Thankyou everyone, it does take a while to do all that.

    Labels busylizzie were done using Lotus Word Pro, it is not available new anymore IBM used to have it on their computers but stopped developing it but it is great for stuff like that better than Word.

    Meats Tullymoor will be interesting, sausage skins and flavour are easily got from There are lots of recipes around as well. Same with curing hams lots of salt and hanging, Salamis too. We have a small dug in room under the house so its a bit like a cellar stays cool in summer. This is why I have chosen July as decently cold here to attempt this. Initially we will put a wire cage around anything hanging, to stop bugs, but we also have a wine fridge that has a temperature control on it. Its only small so that may be tricky, we use it for the cheeses.

    As this is our first time with meat when we go to eat it, it will be with lots of caution, on my part. Hubby’s mother was from an Italian background and made salamis all the time, and that was in Casino, wish I had asked her about it, but we dont have her anymore.!:(

    Most of this stuff is made using pork which I dont like, seems I am making a lot of things for others but I love the challenge.



    Its a lovely day to day and I meant to do some vege gardening but the basil had gone to seeds so I decided I had better make some pesto had the pinenuts ready for such a purpose but oneof those things “to be done”.

    Now we have pesto so I will freeze that. Could have done it in my pressure canner thats still be used but I want to get some decent small bottles for such a purpose. Hopefully two sites I know in Sydney will have showrooms on our way to Melb.

    While I was at it decided to pickle some carrots as well. Hubby loves anything in vinegar. Put in the picture my mini capsicums that have produced well this year, different colours, seeds from Diggers. Look cute but full of seeds so will go back to the old ones.



    Another update on my preserving, managed to get pears for $1.49 kg so grabbed 12kg ends up they cost approx 55c for the size 20 jars.

    We also made some cheese and here is the picture, size is 500grms approx.

    And finally used my new pressure canner, and put up some meat & veg cajun stew, plus 3 meat,mushroom ,bacon and wine, and some fish stock from 30 little mud crabs given to us, which are still in the pressure canner now. First time I have preseved meat this way so a bit scary but followed the recipes from my new Balls preserving book. So many interesting recipes in it. They are preserved under 10psi (pounds per square inch) which kills all the nasties unlike vacola preserving which doesnt allow for preserving meat at all or vegetables unless in vinegar.

    Aren’t these quart (litre) jars lovely! Hoping in future to preserve beans in salt water and see how that goes. Havent yet started our sausage making, waiting on the eldest son to organize his friend who works for a meat works. We are off to Tazzie soon for 2 weeks, so will probably wait till after we come back.

    Picking up from paragraphs above we did manage to get some small square jars and small sauce bottles with lots of replacements lids for our jams and sauces to come.:clap:



    Oh I am SO jealous! I have preserve envy.


    Kasalia, Where did you get a Balls Preserving Kit – only the US site came up when I googled. Who are the stockists here?


    Wow, fantastic, Kasalia!

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