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    I have read that Kale is a high vitamin and calcium food, and would like to get some growing.

    I have been looking on the greenharvest website and they have three different types of kale, just wondering who else grows it and if anyone has any recomendations for what type to grow.

    Is it used like spinach?


    Hi Vanessa

    Just happened to have this info typed up. :geek:

    Kale Brassica oleracea v. acephala is a non-heading type of Cabbage.

    It is very hardy withstanding heavy frosts and snow (in Scotland) and once established can withstand heat quite well.

    There are short and tall varieties and also some ornamental ones that can also be eaten.

    The tall ones can reach 1-2 metres and so need plenty of room to grow.

    Pick the leaves as required once the plant is big enough.

    Kale is cooked the same as cabbage; steamed, boiled or added to soups or stews. Young leaves can be eaten raw in salads.

    It has high vitamin A content and also vitamin C, riboflavin, iron and calcium. The darker varieties contain oxalic acid.

    Seeds are available from on-line seed companies like Eden Seeds and The Lost Seed

    Phoenix seeds have a selection called Morton’s Mix that has a great variety of different colours and types.

    The Toscano variety is very dark leaved and lots of folks call it their favourite but I find the curly leaves hide too many caterpillars and aphids.


    Ah yes one thing I dont like about silverbeet, I dred to think how many earwigs and other creepy-crawlies have gotten through the washing process :rip: ahwell extra protien I guess 😆


    I was given some Russian Kale recently and it was YUMMY! I steamed it with other vegies but then tried some raw – wow! A rockety type of taste. It also has a very pretty leaf.

    Must look up the above links and see if I can get the seeds…

    Thanks, Scarecrow – you are a MINE of information! :tup:



    We grow the scotch kale. To consume, we steam it up, slap it on the plate and give it a good dash of soy sauce, excellent stuff :tup: It is my considered opinion that cabbage is tasteless in comparison, and good only for padding out a coleslaw :geek: 😆


    i also have kale not sure of the type but i use it like spinach and add cream and garlic to it mmmmm


    We have Kale growing (from seed, can’t remember the type but has a purple blush) and it sat and sat cos it’s been such a warm winter. We had a cold snap a couple of weeks ago and it’s really shot on now :tup: Haven’t tasted it yet :p only grew it due to Pete’s bloomin’ ravin’ about it :tongue:


    I like the fact you only need to use what you need, pick of just a couple of leafs and cook, I also eat it raw when I’m in the garden.


    I love Kale it is great stuff, very hardy and it tastes great, my favorite is stir friend with garlic and ginger and some oyster sauce. :tup:


    I’ve been growing Kale for the first time – Tuscan black from Diggers. The leaves are still young. I use it in salads with rocket and when I need greens in stirfry etc.


    Nice to hear all this. Mine is also Tuscan from Diggers but only 6 plants survived germination and now I hope they will get a move on so I can try some of the above recipes.



    Hello, I grow Tuscan black Kale (Cavolo nero), It’s great stuff. It crops over a long time, looks great and is a very strong plant. I also remember reading that a cup is about your daily recommended intake of anti-oxidants which is one of the highest measures for vegetables. I got mine from eden seeds & had no germination issues. caterpillars can be a problem but at least the leaves are open so you can see the problem wheres cabbages may hide their “extra protein” inside, tucked away. In brief, go for it you will not regret..

    Cheers & good luck


    We are trying also the Black Tuscan, the flavour, you’ll have to ask my chooks….the buggers have eaten it nearly to the ground. I swear the plants are smaller then when I first transplanted them. The chooks are totally addicted to the stuff. Heard they are great coated in polenta and deep fried. The few part leaves left look very attractive though. The chooks deviously devised how to get through the bird netting:geek:. I did read maybe on the lost seed website that kale makes excellant poultry feed, my chookies concur…..the diviates.:mad:


    I like kale finely shredded and added near the end to vege soups, also steamed in a frittata, or stirfried with bacon bits. Mmmm …


    How does it do in the subtropics? Since the ornamental kale grew well, i’m hoping it’s not too hot for the other types.

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