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Just wanted to let the QLDers know I am thinking of you.

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    Glad you are ok RTB.. sorry to hear about your fruit trees.

    How did your animals fare ?


    Cattle are all accounted for and now in the new cattle shed we built for floods as the creek is about to break it’s banks.

    Chooks survived but wet and soggy and incredably the ducks are still sitting on their nests and one is out ion the open in the garden:blink:


    Aww.. you have some tough ducks there 🙂

    Good to hear RTB 🙂


    Hello Hello Hello

    I am so glad that is behind us and if it never happens again it will be too soon!!

    The house bumped so much the 4 yr old woke!

    Our garden is demolished and half of the forest is ontop of it – the other half is confetti on the grass or just dissappeared! The citrus crops are gone the muberries stripped, the star apple tree severed of branches and young fruit, banana’s and pawpaws flattened.

    Chook shed roof half off, 1 goose pen has 3 huge gum trees ontop of it, the goat shelter has had a blow out, so too the ‘spare’ chook pen and the bantam pen aviary has overturned. The work sheds near the veg garden is oartially unroofed as well.

    The house and shed are ok – had some water come nto the lower section under doors but everything seems to have held up well.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers

    Has anyone heard from Gremmbles or Ulfgarius (think that is his name), Flicker and Mt Gardener (Hope i am not thinking of a dif forum – head is a bit all over the place)

    We have no ph, mobile, internet or power (therefore we have no running water either) – we are running the gennie to get the fridges cold at mo so hoped on here with latop quickly to send out messages to let people know we are ok.

    DS has uploaded pics on face book will do so here when we get proper power.

    All animals survived it ik too

    luv n hugz


    So glad you are safe RTB and Narellah.

    Those ducks sound pretty tough RTB, I know when we get flooded out here ours surf the water down to the dam then head back up to the top and do it all over again, hilarous to watch.

    Hope you are all able to clean up and get back to some semblance of normality soon.

    Glad all the animals survived too.


    good to hear that people are as ok as can be at present.

    does anyone know how we can find out how to contact shelters where people may be bunking up.the red cross helplines are down.

    we are getting very concerned about some familie members.

    all the best to all in qld.


    Narelle…………mtgardner has come through with very little damage…………..isn’t flicker close to you? Dont know about grembles and Ulf and I haven’t heard from rellies up that way either =(

    most of the pnone lines are out gartenfree and only mobile now and then.


    I will be up in that area from Monday with the SES. I will try to post where exactly I will be if possible. If anyone knows anyone up there I will try to enquire for anyone.

    Edit; Might be better to post who you are enquiring and town they are from, the reason is daily plans are always subject to change from the top.


    Sorry for all of your losses due to storm but at least your homes are ok. 🙂


    Yep we are very lucky really!

    FLicker is across the creek and from the huge trees on the road and the height of the creek it might as well be across the nation……..

    There is a beautiful horse walking around in a cane paddock down the road (we can see it from halfway down our driveway cos it is so clear of veg now)No one on this side of creek owns horses. When he heard us calling this arvo the turned in our direction and the neighed so i think he is rather quiet and used to people interaction.

    We have cleared the driveway :woohoo: :woohoo: – sorry yet to get pics done – hard with no power – only gennie in evening – and of course have to do EVERYTHING then. We have done the 700m strip of driveway. We have yet to clear some logs from the gully n the driveway and some loose vines but we were out of puff this arvo – thought we would paddle in the creek walked down but there are trees in the way and it is way to high for paddling yet – been so incrediby hot, muddy and smelly working it owuld have been nice:(

    We are exhausted tho and tomorrow we will unpack the valuables and do some light trimming in the garden along the driveway theat we have already removed the trees from – see what plants we can salvage – and feed all the green pawpaws to the chooks.

    Looks like the big freezer has died – the power was a bit on and off before we lost it completely as Yasi came so the surge must have killed it – 2 bunches of bananas frozen, 7 large ice cream containers of mango, rosella and cumquats – will be having a cook up day tomorrow by the look of it – luckily the bar frezzer is empty so can put what i can in there and the rest.?????

    Log bounced up today when i was chainsawing an landed on my leg very sore to hold down and very bruised. Will fel better after a decent nights sleep – which may be a while if the heat keeps up at night….

    Our 18yr old DS is such a wonderful help and so mature about it all – has eally shone thru all of this love him for it


    🙂 Happy to hear you and your family are safe Narelleh & RTB, you ladies sure lead busy and dangerous lives up there in Qld, never a dull moment. Shame about fruit trees and freezer going, & your leg being hurt, but your all safe and thats the main thing.

    Take Care



    Hello all, what a wild night, my wife and I locked ourselves in a shipping container

    I was afraid it might blow off the stumps and not be able to open the door.

    Kept cool by laying against the steel walls, but also felt lots of vibrations.

    Suprise,suprise in the morning no real structural damage to buildings but trees

    big and small broken off or laying over.Narelleh once you can cross the river there is a big gum across the road.There might be some bitumen missing too so check first.

    Road into town was open to us today but only one servo with petrol and for containers only, It might be better tomorrow if a tanker comes through.

    My guess is power could be out for a month as both high tension and low tension wires and poles gone. (many poles)

    To me it seems ingham has minimul building damage but trees, hugh trees are on their sides everywhere.

    Regards flicker.


    so glad you guys made it thru too flicker:)

    Yeah was planning on checking before driving over anyway thanks.

    only going in for fuel for gennie and chainsaw and more oil for chainsaw – maybe have a proper shower somewhere if there is power on by the time we get in there;)

    Stll thinking of other forum regulars from further north and wondering……………:unsure:


    Hi all We survived here. All present and accounted for except for one poor hen that got rolled on by a large bale of hay. 🙂

    We had boarded up all our windows and only one sheet of ply blew off. It was a very scary night. Even scarier to look at the damage the next day and realise that we were probably only minutes from having a wall blow out. Other than that we have some water famage inside and we lost an old farm shed.

    Could have been lots worse.


    Just had word we will be working around the Innesfail area. So if any one wants to get a message to anyone in that area let me know and I will try to make contact.

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