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Just wanted to let the QLDers know I am thinking of you.

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    Stay safe and lots of love to you all as you prepare…..or are cleaning up.:(

    Lady Bee

    Me too. Quite concerned for all of you.

    Just can’t imagine 250 km/hr winds, that I heard was predicted.


    Ditto to what is written above me.. I hope all folks stay safe!

    sue e

    heard a rumour which supposedly originated from someone s in the know that they were getting ready to blow the flood gates at wivenhoe as they couldnt get the water out fast enough. they were fearful of the the wall giving way.if that had happened there would have been 10s of thousands of deaths. apparently anna had just been informed of this when she broke down.don’t know how much truth there is in it but it is a scary thought

    Mr Magoo

    That rumour’s been doing the rounds for a few weeks. Everyone says it’s coming from ‘someone in the know’. Similar rumours are going around in other parts of the state. The water companies have issued statements to say the rumours are not true.

    I know from reading here that many don’t believe public statements, but really, I doubt there’s any real need for fear. In the middle of the flood crisis everyone was talking about the dam wall breaking …

    Do hope these aren’t famous last words. But also don’t see the point in starting mass panic.


    I am also thinking of you all up there. Praying that the cyclone doesn’t hit with the force predicted. It’s all too much. 🙁


    lots of lies and inuendo going around about the flood, most generated by politions who chase popularity above trauma and oterh fear hyper’s blaming climate change so people will beg to be taxed to death.

    don’t they would ever think of blowing the gates off any dam let alone wivenhoe, that back in the early 80’s after the 74 floods when they built it they didn’t design in enough gates to handle the worst case scenerio, again comes back to government.

    and that this time when the dam was 130% full but still 90% empty they should have left the gates open initially to maybe get the false 100% level down to 80% or 70%, the flood was caused by bligh’s gov’. all this very evident as once the 100% dam got to 190% it qucikly wnet to 220% the absolute maximum (can only guess what may happen if the water went over the wall dams not built to cope with that. and mind you at 190% they realised they where in trouble and likely to cause a flood so they tried closing some gates, too late the horse had bolted.

    they will never own up to what they caused, but any publicity is good personal publicity hey?

    now as for this waht did they call it “killer cyclone” instead of dealing in fear and scare tactics again all to support the climate changer’s hype, they should be honest and up front, it was a storm as aprt of the natural cycle that it was/is the biggest on this side of australia, is nothing more than it can happen, in 74 when tracey hit darwin there was no such thing as climate change, it was a natural event though it was a record breaker.

    it was interesting to see afer anthony a modern home with part of its total roof missing but an older (maybe 80 year old?) queenslander with a coulple of sheets of corrugated iron with lead head nails in tact lifted but not removed, says a lot about modern building codes and practises hey? i would suggest to the owners of that old safer home get the nails replaced with screws all the same.

    don’t know if they learnt from larry but lets hope they learn this time like in darwin build them better just in case. suppose any good positive thoughts like that will be smothered by climate change hyper’s.

    no doubt we will hear more from teh publicity seekers about what this latest cyclone yasi has caused. but there has been lots of lies and inuendo’s floating around from the leders down so be carefull what you believe.



    Just saw it’s upgraded to category 5 cyclone with 295km/h winds. My heart goes out to all in the cyclone zone. Stay safe.


    Gardenlen, my uncle has recently built a house in Cairns, and they have to have strict building codes so that they withstand the category 5 cyclones, so crossing our fingers all his family up there will be safe. Pool furniture is in the pool, and all things nailed and screwed down.

    Im watching it with hope that it passes quickly. 🙁


    that’s as such shadowdancer,

    but there will be a lot of modernish homes built over the last 10 or 20 years or so that were built before those regulations, which may have come into effect after larry??

    and as in larry older homes as above faired better than did modern homes.



    those building regs have been in for years before Larry. We’ll see how good they are after this storm. Its eye is apparently 30km across, according to the weather channel on Foxtel, and it’s moving slowly…so it will do much more damage. Its more intense than Tropical Cyclone Tracy so we’ll see in around 36 hours how well they fare.

    Im worried,I have to say…specially when you speak to the locals in the community of Cairns and Innisfail (my relo’s) and they’re scared.

    Apparently long term forcasters predict they will have 7 of these this year? so we’ll see what happens 🙁


    Hubbys best mate is just out side of Carins and 1 of their sons family is there as well. Their other 2 sons and their familes are in Townsville.

    He rang them last night and they said they are preparing to leave and have done as much as they can to the house to make it ready.

    Hope alls the other people on this site are safe and well

    Has any one heard from Forrest {rhonda] hope she came through it alright


    Thanks for your thoughts people.

    We are bunkered down in the downstairs solid cement bathroom with supplies, lots of mattresses and 2 dogs and cats. Already getting gusty winds and not looking foreward to a scary next 24hours.


    Yep, my thoughts are with all you tropical Queenslanders.

    Take care..


    So glad you are ok and safe Judy. Good job you had that flood 2 yrs ago to get your downstairs sorted for you to be safe in this event – lol

    We are ready and waiting too – will do a check of stuff for our bunker down area (hallway in centre of house and if needed bathroom – and it has no outside windows either. Then I am gonna have a nap cos i am knackered from all the packing up and moving stuff for 2 days. I will need to be awake later for the kids so better sleep while there is time.

    Will be in touch on the other side of this tough time

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