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Just made my first soap! So exciting!

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    Hi All,

    I just had to share that I made my first soap today! 😀

    It is olive and coconut oil. I used one of the recipes Rhonda put up in an old thread… but I divided it by 1/4 – put the new quantities into a soap calculator and got new quantities of Sod Hyd and water, as I wanted to make a small batch incase I totally messed it up!

    It looks pretty good… It didn’t take very long to reach trace – I hope I did it right – I think because it was such a small amount. Should make about 6 thinnish bars

    So it got to consistency of thick cream and seemed to be as Rhonda described when it reached trace… and it smelled so lovely! Nice and … soapy!

    Anyway, I guess the proof of the pudding will be in 24 – 48 hours… and then again in 4 weeks when we try it out for the first time…:shy:

    If this works out okay, I might try something incorporating bees wax and goats milk next!




    Good for you Kalex :tup: I am yet to make soap.. its going to happen very soon though!

    Do you have any pic’s ?


    awesome 😀 once you start you wont be able to stop!


    Good for you Kalex. Please show us the finished product so we can admire. :clap:


    Be warned! Soap making is entirely addictive!!

    Just a quick one on olive oil based soaps … you might TRY it in four weeks (that would have to be the absolute minimum curing time) … in 5-8 months it will be simply divine (aka – save a couple of bars :hug: ).

    Oh, and congrats! :clap::clap:


    Yep.. it is dead-easy ain’t it! :clap:


    …. AND IT WORKED! :tup: WOO HOO! :rol:

    I got home from work today and inspected it and it was a solid mass of creaminess!

    I will post some pictures tomorrow as I’m ‘zausted… first day back from maternity leave of 11 months…

    Now that I’ve given it a go, hubby might let me justify spending some money on pretty molds… I just used a pyrex dish this time. 😐




    Well done Kalex :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Sounds like you may be at the beginning of an exciting learning curve.



    :tup: Well done Kalex.

    I have only made a few batches my-self but i’m hooked as well. The last lot i made was a solid shampoo bar. Great fun!


    Okay… picture time!

    I haven’t uploaded a pic onto this site for 2 years or more, so lets see if I can remember how to do it!

    The first is of the whole block before taking it out of the plastic wrap that I lined the pyrex dish with…

    the second is it cut into bars and arranged on a plate as prettily as I am capeable of! 😉


    okay! HELP! :confused: I can’t figure out how upload pics! I thought I could just use the attachment link down the bottom of the new post page, but alas, it didn’t work… and the photobucket way is just too much for my baby addled brain to remember… :shrug:

    I looked in the FAQs and couldn’t find anything, can anyone point me in the right direction?

    TA, Kalex


    thanks Gianna! You’re a superstar!:clap:


    Kalex, your soap looks awesome. :tup: So creamy. :clap:

    Worst part now is the waiting. 😐

    I’m afraid I cheat. 😀 I cut a small piece off the end (the size of a motel soap) and start trying it after 2 days. I have about 20 small pieces of soap on my kitchen window. Each one sits on a plastic tag on which is written the date I made it and what it is. 😆


    Is there any reason why you can’t use them earlier than 4 weeks? I did read somewhere that you might burn yourself, but if you’re using them after 2 days, I’m guessing you’ve not found that to be the case?!?!?

    Is the curing just to make it go harder? Or does it serve some greater purpose?

    I must keep a soap making (and everything else making) diary so that I know what I put into each one…

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