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    In Hamilton there is a Trash & Treasure held twice a year. Today was the day and it started at 8am. I didn’t manage to wake up until 8 but it only took 15 minutes to get one Husband, one Son and one Son’s Friend out of bed and in the car. It’s run by the local Lions Club and they do a wonderful job. I was just in the mood for a good treasure hunt and boy did I have a good day. We did spend a bit too much but it was so worth it.

    The kitchen dresser was $100, 12 brown No.31 fowlers jars – $20, bed table – $2, nut loaf tin $1, dough thingy 50c, waterproof pants $2, picture frame – 50c, flywire – $1 and 4 x English Lavender “Miss Donnington” – $10. Wahoo:clap:

    Does anyone know anything about these brown fowlers jars? Can you still buy them? What is the idea of them being brown? What would be most suitable to put in them?

    Did anyone else get some bargains over the weekend? Pics please?? I love sales like this.


    I fell in love with this and just had to have it.


    ohhhh very nice score Fatima :clap::clap:


    Theres a lions shed here, held fairly often. Checked it out for the first time yesterday- lots of good cheap items. Will have to go more often, just not 5 minutes before closing time! 🙂


    I got about 20 metres of sheeting for quilt backing for $5.00, but I think you win hands down. That dresser is superb!!:tup:


    That dresser will look stunning all done up… Well done, Fatima!! :clap:

    fluffy chook

    Love the dresser Fatima – it’s bewdiful:tup:


    Does anyone know about the brown fowlers jars? I found something that said that they are from the 1940’s and that they were made during world war 2. The women continued to make jars while the men went to war and they made brown ones so that when the men came back from the war they would know which ones the women made :confused: I thought it might have been for keeping the light away from particular foods but I’ve got no idea really. Does any one know their history?:metal:

    Oh, I can’t wait to get the dresser done up so that it can go in the kitchen;)


    :clap: Fabulous!! Wish I know one around here… I love finding great bargains, much to my DH’s horror! 😆

    Looking forward to see the end-result of the dresser!

    No idea re jars, would love them myself thou! 😆

    Cheers! :hug:


    what a great morning! i love the nut loaf jar. we used to have nut loaf (or something similar, may not have had nuts in it, but definitely not dates!) as a kid.


    Hi Fatima,

    Good value Fatima. Mum always uses the brown jars for her pears. I’m not sure why I think that they stay nice and white rather than darkening a little. Mine tend to turn a little brown over time in clear jars. I’ll ask her own day. She also has a heap of old ones from when they tended to be greenish rather than clear inherited form her MIL.


    That’s the sort of dresser I’ve had my eye on. Worth a lot more than what you paid for it Fatima. The little cupboard in the middle would be lined with tin to keep the bread in and to keep the mice out. Good score. :clap: The brown Fowlers jars are lovely too and I know they are really old and much sought after. They would have been made out of whatever glass was available at the time. What a great day you had. 😀


    No idea about the Fowlers jars – but great score :tup:


    I’ll ask my Mum about the brown jars, she might know. The kitchen dresser is like the one we had in our kitchen when I was a kid, my brother used to “rescue” :p baby possums and as soon as they were warm by the wood stove, they would promptly take off and hide behind the dresser and then really need to be rescued!!!:confused:


    I would say the brown glass would to deter light as you said.. OR they were made from recycled beer bottles.. 🙂

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