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    I would love to see Julian Assange as top Australian of the year!

    Each day he risks literally his live in publishing document we never should see. He cannot go back to Australia as he has the department of justice against him.I really have deep respect of him as there are so many who would rather see him dead than alive.


    I couldn’t agree more…so long as I knew the award ceremony wasn’t an excuse to catch him and hand him over to the USA. 😉

    I love how the US media appears to hate him because he is doing their job for them (am I the only one who thinks that?).



    Haha. Maybe we could start an award for ‘UnAustralian of the Year,’ too.


    won’t be that bad. Only how to send him them award if he resides in an unknown place?


    I think what he does is great too, OH and I were discussing him last night while cooking dinner.


    I think Julian Assange is great. All he is doing is publishing the truth that OUR governments dont want us to know. Well bugger them.

    One point I would like to make though is whilst he is publishing documents leaked by others it currently exists in a push to Wiki Leaks. When Wiki Leaks begins to pull information and thus encourage government employees to break the law then his position starts to become a tad more perilous.

    The truth should never be subject to government regulation so I will be one who stands up an applauds him when he gets the peoples awards he deserves. He is essentially a stateless person at the moment and he must be finding the going really tough. Best of luck to him.


    Don’t also forget the courage of the brave people who got the information to him. They are more likely to be caught, and gaoled for longer.


    Reid_alderbooks post=297083 wrote: Don’t also forget the courage of the brave people who got the information to him. They are more likely to be caught, and gaoled for longer.

    Great point, Reid. I really feel for Bradley Manning. Hopefully, he gets a great lawyer.

    I am amazed at the bravery of some people-just the simple act of rebellion against our peers and speaking up for beliefs can be extremely traumatic and dangerous. In a social as well as a physical sense. I hope Australia cannot find any practical way of changing Assange.

    I personally think the charges against Assange on rape may well be trumped up.




    I too am amazed at the bravery of people like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. There’s no such thing as an investigative reporter any more.

    The *rape* charges against Julian Assange, are of course one effort to discredit him and put him out of action. Totally blatant.


    I hate to be displaying my ignorance but who is Bradley manning?

    Julian Assange is great for freedom of speech, the cornerstone of democracy that when convenient sovereign governments like Australia & the US go to war for but when inconvenient have a hypocritical throw down.

    If Assange is guilty of rape chargse then he should be rightly tried. However, if the charges are trumped up and linked to his Wikileaks then the authorities can go and jump.


    Talking of blatant

    So now, government ‘officials’ in the free world are calling for fatwas.


    Perhaps this is what happens when you set fire to the hive…(to borrow some Karnivool).

    My mum told me I’d live in interesting times.

    Is that an innocent whistle there porgey 😉

    I personally liked your other post about Wikileaks. I think that part of ‘living simply’ requires me to question all status quo(including myself and my own assumptions about myself and about my government and my society. Always). If we are not aware for ourselves, then who will be? I don’t feel I can trust the government to act on my behalf, any more.

    Railing against the American economic and military powers that be is not mutually exclusive with loving American people, in my mind, or in my heart. I’ve known too many Americans(my cousins and family who live there included-some of whom were in the military) to hate Americans-or any one for that matter. Doesn’t mean I can’t challenge them and welcome them to challenge me.


    Bradley Manning is the soldier who allegedly(hasn’t been proved yet) gave Wikileaks much of the Iraq war material.


    Here here to all of you 🙂

    Being a sceptic, I feel the ‘rape’ allegations are certainly trumped up – to discredit Julian.

    As far as I’m concerned, the information is simply showing how much our governments are run by thugs and low-lives who are more embarrassed by this info getting out – showing them in their true light.



    Ah Bradley Manning released the shooting video on Lady GaGa labeled DVDs. As I recall its vision of a US army helicopter shooting unarmed, defenceless citizens in there own land. So who are the criminals here? The helicopter pilot, the shooter, the officers in charge, the secretary of defence, the president who ordered the illegal & unjustified invasion, the CIA & other “intelligence” agencies for concocting the Iraqi WMD nonsense, all of those who were complicite in covering up this atrocity?

    Its mind boggling how Manning as a US war pawn who had nothing to do with the killings and Julian Assange who made them public, are the bad guys. Who’s really GaGa here?

    I wonder what the Nobel Peace Prize committee are thinking about this?

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