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    Hi guys,

    Did any one mamage to go to the Joel Salatin workshops????? Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on it???

    I personally had a good time and re-enforced what i read in “you can farm” Now reading “Everything i want to do is illegal”

    cheers :woohoo:


    Hi Lee,I went to the workshop recently held in Albury NSW.

    As weaver mentioned in another thread there were 200 people at ours as the weather had turned cold and wet we were put in a large hall.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy his talk, it was lovely to see actual pics of his place too.

    I hadnt even heard of Joel Salatin so I googled him and figured it couldnt hurt to go and see what he’s all about.

    Extremely funny and full of knowledge.

    I bought his book “Pastured Poultry Profits” Net $25,000 in 6 months on 20 acres.

    I dont have 20 acres but I do enjoy chooks,I would be interested to get my hands on a few more of his books,will try my library.


    We had 45 people here in townsville. At the local widlife park. Had kangaroo and like wondering around.

    I have that book too. But i like his theroy “Until you know how to make money on one arce of land, you won’t know how to make money on two acres”

    So he is saying you don’t need 100 acres. Do what you can on what you have. I have five acres here and aready brinmming with ideas and mixtures.

    The Book depository in uk has nealry all his books. You may know of that already. I got three proir to him coming and another one at the workshop.

    Cheers jen :wave:


    after reading about him in magazine called G from the libraby,i now know who you are talking about

    when i go back to return the books i shall enquire about his books,they seem to be quite beneficial


    For anyone that is interested Acres USA have load of great books, including Joel Salatin’s. They also have a magazine that is great for anyone looking at commercial level growing particularly.




    I was at the Beerwah talk on the Sunshine Coast helping out behind the scenes. Probably had 200+ people in total – great turn out, lots of connections made and lots of inspiration had.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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