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    My artichokes have died back, a very small crop. If i want to save some tubers to regrow next year should I leave them in the ground or can I store them inside like a potato?


    I have left mine in the ground in the past. I did try once to store them inside but without much success. They tended to go soft and rot. The ones left in the ground were great.


    ditto what Mauzi said. They deteriorate very quickly once out of the ground. I would be planting now for next season, then they’ll pop up in spring all on their own.


    Yup, us too. We just keep harvesting them and cooking them and then the ones that remain grow again next year. The only way to get rid of them entirely is to introude their natural enemy, the chook. :laugh:



    Thanks guys. So I can dig them all up and then replant any small ones for next year?


    barefoot_misty, even if you dig them all up you will most likely find they will come back on their own without planting any more as it is almost impossible to get them all up and they grow amazing well (which is one of the reasons that I really like them).

    Judi B

    I grew them and you might think you harvested them all but they still come up next spring…. I must get hold of some again I lost mine in the floods they drowned πŸ™

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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