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    Hi All,

    I read about this BBC program “It’s Not Easy Being Green” on another thread

    and downloaded the first season – and loved it!!

    I have burnt the episodes onto DVD for us to keep (made a fancy menu and everything) and thought that others with smaller bandwidth, etc might want the opportunity to watch this 7 episode program. I’ve burnt it onto 2 DVDs, so if you want a copy of both, I would be happy to send them to you for something of similar value in return. Say homemade soap or dishcloths or something and include an envelope if you can. Postage will probably be $2, so whatever you think 2 dvds and postage is equivalent too…

    The program is about a family that buys an old farm and fixes it up to be as green as they can, including raising pigs, chickens, making biodiesel, windpower, solar hot water, etc etc. Very inspiring!

    If you would like the dvds, just private message me and I will send you my address.


    I PMed!:D



    Hi all

    Those of you who receive the DVD…May I pleeease borrow a copy when you have finished? Am happy to pay postage etc and return it/them. My offer of seeds to swap was unsuitable and I do not have anything else appropriate 🙁




    bah you beat me two it… oh well I have the second series, so I will put it on a coupl eof DVDs and send it out.. The second series is about the three blokes, (Dad, Son, and Techie mate) going around helping people with eco projects from Building complete houses, to building your own solar water heater. Just waiting for for one more episode to download and will have them all.


    There’s always the DVD chain idea, such as Rhonda did with some magazines some time ago.

    Have a list of people, first one sends it to the second person who watches it then sends to a third person, and so forth. Last one viewing it could send it back to the first person again. Everyone pays for their own postage.

    Just a suggestion…. 😀


    Righto then.. Hands up for the Second Season.. I’ll also incude the doco “The real Dirt on Farmer John”


    I’ll be in this please! :tup:



    My hand is up 😀


    Yep, I’ll be in it! Didn’t get to see the Real Dirt on Farmer John when he was here…

    Thanks…. :tup:


    :wave: I’d love to catch up with both of these dvds….

    Edited to say that I can then move them on to dunmovin and rosie for a look/see….


    We would like to be included in this too, please.


    Would be good to have a film night during the GTG maybe?? Get lots of members to see it in one hit?? I bags not sitting on the bare concrete floor :jawdrop:

    So, I’ll put my hand up to be in but can imagine it won’t get to me by July and maybe a member who’s coming up can bring them :tup:

    PS I have End of Suburbia, Power of Community and the other one about GM foods, can never remember the name and like PoC the best. If you are coming to the GTG and haven’t seen any of these dvds, don’t watch them yet 😆 Also have Joel’s aquaponics book and dvd for anyone interested.

    There’s always The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music, for those of us who like to drink too much red and sing :clap:

    If you have any dvds of interest, please bring them…wouldn’t mind seeing An Inconvenient Truth again actually.


    Man, this desert GTG is sounding real good! :tup:

    What fun!


    I am getting the first season from Annet(should arrive any day now) and would love to see the 2nd season and Farmer Joe.

    I am happy to pass on the first season on to you Elizabeth when I’ve watched it if you still would like to see it.


    Michelle beat me to it – I was going to offer a set for the chain that Mumchook mentioned – I hadn’t even thought of that. Michelle, you might want to hold on to yours for the moment, let me send these ones around and you can always share yours with someone else once you have watched them a few times (i am on my third go!). I will send them to Elizabeth once I get her address via pm.

    ps. I have had a lot of swappers, so its been great. Can’t wait to the do official swap.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 321 total)
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