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It would good to know where you are in Aus

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    Hi All, An indication of even the general area we live could be helpful. With gardens the conditions are so different in each area.

    I live in Watsonia the outer Melbourne Northern suburbs. I see others are planting beans for Winter. I plant Broad Beans each year…are there others for Winter down here? Telephone peas grow high and well, Mammoth, Sugar Snap. Onward for lower ones.I have put most of those in now…my own seedlings…each wrapped around the stalk with some of my hair (collected over the years)  and any sticks. Funny I know … but it took a while to realize the flowers and bean/pea inside was being eaten by snails.!!!! Works for me anyway and is reusable.

    Hi All, I live at the North end of the Sunshine Coast Qld.Rather hot and humid at the moment .


    Better keep this one going !
    Currently outskirts of Canberra – with the heat and dry making a challenge of my garden. I’ve got my alarm clock beeping every hour for me to move the water supply to the next soaker hose. 300m2 of garden is easy when it rains, but Jan/Feb is the death of me most years. We’re on dam water, so the pressure isn’t great.


    This is a great idea and always very helpful. Its good to see that we can put our location in our profile so that we don’t have to keep checking back through lots of old posts to try to find out. 🙂

    PS. Of course I don’t need to check through old posts to find out where I live. Only where others do.


    I am in the middle of no-where according to my grandchildren. That is central Victoria about 22 K’s from civilization

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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