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    My computer has started making a clattering noise. It is the fan the cools the radiator. Sometimes it operates properly but sometimes it is extremely noisy and ‘loose’ sounding.

    About 10 days ago we had to buy new ram as the old one died and when we put the new one in that fan went for a little and then stopped and tried to start but seemed stuck. so we turned it off – hoping it had ‘fixed’ itself we turned it back on next day and all seemed fine – until today.

    Can I buy a new one of those fans by itself?

    Or is it a whole unit with the radiator thingy?

    What sort of cost is that?

    Can I just take it off and take it to comp shop and get another?

    Or what???

    (I have now exhausted my IT knowledge so I can’t think of anything else to ask now;):uhoh:)

    I know one of you will have some answers that will help me – thanks:tup:


    narellah, is it the fan that sits ontop of the cpu? if it is you can certainly buy another one… any pc shop will have them you just need to tell what cpu you have…


    PC’s have a few different fans. The power supply has one, CPU has one, video card can have one, or there could be a few other fans in there depending on your hardware makeup. If it is a small fan, and easily visible its probably a CPU or video card fan. These can usually be unplugged and replaced. If you have a look at it and it has a couple of wires that plug in somewhere you can probably disconnect it and remove the fan and take it to be replaced.

    Make sure to use an anti-static cable when working on your PC however – otherwise you may cause more damage.


    If you could post a pic of the fan, I should be able to identify it for you 🙂


    If it is the fan that cools the CPU and you replace the entire heatsink (I assume this is the “radiator” you mention), you must clean up and reapply the thermal paste between the heatsink and the CPU as this is what efficiently transfers the heat to the heatsink for cooling.

    They are readily available for most PCs less than five years old.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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