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    It has been very quiet since the site crashed, no one seems to be about. Has Facebook ruined this forum like so many others?  If my maths serves me correctly 6 gardening/ simple living ones that I know of have gone.It is very sad for those who don’t go on Facebook.


    Facebook seems to be popular but it is useless if you want to dig through old posts. The search function on these forums are worth their weight in gold. I noticed EG shut down on the 1st. 

    Maybe this is the start of the next era.  :-/
    Lady Bee

    I log in most days, but there’s so little happening I don’t bother posting.

    Yes, I think you can safely blame Facebook.  Hate the blasted thing with a passion.

    Judi B

    I have a look every few days and nothing much is happening so I don’t sign in.
    I’m on Facebook but some days it is a nightmare just to get on.


    I dont face thingy


    While I have commented on the odd thing on Facebook, I hate it, but due to the lack of interest here , anything is better than nothing. I have entered this site and been the only one on, even though I have made an effort hourly. So what has happened to change it. I remember having so much to read per day that I never comented as ran out of time.

    So many have left, Why, Facebook is so here and read it now or forget it happened.

    So first of all, can we start a conversation, daily anyone ?
    Pick a subject or 2. Gardening, cooking, what did you you do today?

    Ok thats the one, so everyone try and answer daily, or at least weekly, please lets get going again.


    I keep forgetting my password……………….seniors moments :-S


    I log in most days, I like your idea Kasalia, maybe that will put a bit of life into the site.


    I have to admit that i was one of the ones who was quite active here a while back, but for one reason or another stopped coming by so often, then when the forum got hacked and the format changed it just never seemed to be the same.

    I think there are still a few people around who would like to see the forum head back to the way it was (in terms of the level of activity)
    I also have to admit that I do do Facebook, and probably found myself (like many others I guess heading there as a first “click”), but lately cant be bothered much with it, and am finding myself heading to forums if I want information.
    I think with Facebook getting so big and being focussed on the “now” (and getting so full of “crap” – and not the good stuff you can use on your garden) there will be more people who return to the forums, I’m hoping so anyway.

    Oh no has EG really gone …. 🙁 …. i’m assuming so given my link to it no longer works… hope ALS can get back to days of old. Whilst I use FB I don’t tend to post on public forums, plus it’s hard to find things like previous posts etc especially from your phone (which is how I use FB mainly…)


    EG’s garden path has definitely gone. A very sad day indeed and worse still all the information with it, I was hoping it could have been saved just as a reference.


    totally agree ballamara, would have been great if it could have just been left as a static page, so you could look at the info but no longer add stuff, there was soooo much info there…. seems sad that these forums are falling by the wayside, other forums I view on different subjects seem to be flourishing, not sure why gardening/sustainable living is fading, hopefully it’s only because everyone is busy doing rather than being online…


    FB is so impersonal. You get a real feel for people here. I miss the busy days of old. I hope people return!


    I confess, I’ve found I’m on the fb site more than here.  I much prefer the forum though 🙂


    guess we all just have to get on here if we want it to get back to being busy! I’ve loaded this webpage on my phone, in an attempt to keep in touch!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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