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Is wholemilk bad for you?

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    I am thinking to start drinking wholemilk. It is good for health?


    What do you mean by whole milk, lol while typing this I just remembered that ad on tv where the bloke says “I just want milk that tastes like real milk” :laugh: sorry, do you mean raw milk?


    While we were on the farm we milked our own cow so my kids only ever had unprocessed milk.

    moving closer to the city changed things

    We were getting raw milk from the nearby dairy for pet lambs.

    While we were using this my grand daughter was fine.

    When we went back to processed milk she had problems with lactose.


    If you look from an evolutionary perspective, probably not. We’re not calves and cows’ milk is designed for calves. Having said that, we drink raw milk cos it tastes so good.

    Edit: if you mean supermarket milk, no, not at all. It’s been treated and that kills any goodies in it. The cheap stuff is worse.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Real milk isn’t white, it’s a pale creamy colour. The taste is just nothing like the stuff from a supermarket.

    How can such a natural product be bad for you?

    (well possibly if you drink gallons of it per day…..)


    Great question I’m also interested in the answer…would like a scientific based one though.


    Well, I’m not going to find the scientific answer. I’ll use the common sense one? It’s a food designed to help an animal grow very quickly with minimal brain development. Kinda the opposite to humans really – we take about 18 years to grow to full size and our brain develops quickly in the first 2 years and hopefully continues to develop after that.

    Our original ancestors wouldn’t have consumed milk often, so we didn’t really evolve to consume lots of it. (They would have hunted a lactating mammal and consumed the milk left in her mammary glands but that wouldn’t have happened every day).

    Lots of things are natural, Lady B, but that doesn’t necessarily make them healthy 🙂 And yes, the amount consumed does come into it. (However, as I said, we drink raw milk cos it’s so yummy. Our diet is quite close to being ‘clean’ so I’m not terribly concerned. Except for the amount my husband consumes and his growing girth as a result 🙁 )


    If you are referring to raw milk, you might find this video interesting: Its a microbiologist’s presentation at our local cow share shareholder meeting when the Govt first started its attempt to shut it down (still ongoing through the courts). There are also other videos in the series of people who consume raw milk and the health benefits they have found from it – Kirsty’s story is particularly moving.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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