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Is this the end of global warming?

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    Climategate at the door.

    “The e-mail system of one of the world’s leading climate research units has been breached by hackers.”

    “These alleged emails – supposedly exchanged by some of the most prominent scientists pushing AGW theory – suggest:

    Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more.”


    No matter what the real story is, the fact that the system was hacked and revealed will always taint the information on it.


    Look i can say global worming exisits and unless things change we will cook in the sunlight.

    My thoughts and im not changeing them, plus there has been so many debates and studys, the gov wants more money thats why the ETS is going ahead possably not to change things. Where dose the money go from the ETS?

    To help put solar on low income households? No so meh to the gov.

    Yes the rebates are great but without the $$ in the first place your stuffed.


    Coincidently this (European) morning the German news magazine SPIEGEL published an article titled: Why climate change has a break.

    “Global temperatures have not risen during the last 10 years. Climatologists are puzzled over how to explain this.”

    You can read a google-translated version of the article here:

    Though roughly translated it should be readable.


    I think that is twisting things too – it is Climate change not just warming

    Average tempertures globally may not have risen but they certainly have in Australia

    It is ridiculous to think that man can pollute the atmosphere as we have and it not cause change

    me thinks those saying we can have a vested interest in making money now an stuff everything else :rol:



    ggang – have temps actually risen tho?

    Have we seen proper evidence of this?

    My father used to talk about working as a young man when it was 50 degrees in the shade in parts of Queensland (most places were inland from Brisbane or near central Queensland – not outback tho)

    I have also read many biographies about pioneer Aussies where it is quoted as having similar and hotter temps to now.

    Even I can remember very cold winters on the Coast in central Queensland – which we don’t get as frequently now.

    Maybe there are cycles which mankind interferes with – after all I am sure there was not enough human interference to cause the previous events such as ice ages and eras of lots of heat and melting ice caps…………

    Just a thought:shrug:


    i haven’t seen any indications thqat temps have risen in australia? everytime they show a temp it has all happened before just we are like the world are going through a natural cycle, this climate change and warming thing all a bit of a furphy realy and they think that throwing money at it will fix it, fix what? and it’s not their money it is the money from thsoe who are on the poor end of the scale now going to get even poorer and those affluent set some will become the new poor, all for nought.

    our storms are no worse that waht they ahve been sometime in the past nor our floods, and vic’, sth/a and tas as well have all had their disasterous fire seasons before as has southern nsw, nothing new there. our fires up here are no more dangerous than what they have been in the past they just don’t get as severe as those down south.

    nothing that replanting the habitat instead o planting windmills won’t go a long way to improving.

    and on the never likley to work rebates if you had (which there isn’t) 100,000 homes with rebated soalr fitted in the say five states from perth to brisbane and work out waht power stations they draw power from, the rebat would have cost the tax payer and the health system(at least) at least $800,000,000, all for nought reduction in power production, a big price to pay for someone’s feel good.



    :shrug: over here we just keep having record average temps ( says the BOM )

    when we moved up here 10 years ago summer days were high 30s now we get a lot over 40 and 45 is not rare ( previously in my nearly 60 years I had never experienced 45 ! )……. local old timers tell me that never used to occur

    our rainfall is definately a lot less I dont need someone tot wll me that I am old enough to remember good winter rain that usually started at Easter – now the season break is May or even June

    and I thought the current heat waves in the ES were records ?

    and what about the ice caps melting ?



    I am a bit of a sceptic that the world is really heating up. You have to look at a really really long term perspective. Earth has been through ice ages and really hot cycles in the past.

    What I am worried about is polution and the destruction of the environment. If the earth cycles though hot periods and ice ages, we need a healthy planet in order for mankind to survive.


    gremmbles wrote:

    I am a bit of a sceptic that the world is really heating up. You have to look at a really really long term perspective. Earth has been through ice ages and really hot cycles in the past.

    What I am worried about is polution and the destruction of the environment. If the earth cycles though hot periods and ice ages, we need a healthy planet in order for mankind to survive.

    I’m exactly the same, no doubt the planet is sick, but why did they call Greenland, Greenland a 1000 years ago?

    I don’t think , sticking your head out the window and saying I don’t remember it being so hot, cold or wet, evidence to anything. We have only been on this continent 230 odd years.


    What does this graph mean to you, climate change sceptics and believers, what do you understand of the trend?


    yep bullseye,

    but throwing money at it won’t bring that level down, and are you able to authenticate “their” records, i have a rain guage so i can keep a check on rain but us common folk don’t have a co2 guage do we. so still planting bio-diversity is a better long term fix over all.

    so if the level is realy that high? how many years/decades/centuries of throwing money at it, will it take to bring it down, and then what has to be done to keep it down, keep in mind you still want to be able to afford to eat, have power and drive a car, along with all the other follies out there. are we allowed to mention australia only contributes less than 2% of that supposed increase.



    I am sure there are earth cycles, these have come and gone over the ages.

    Greenland was once green according to things I have read.

    On the other hand the world population is growing, this must have an impact on the global enviroment.

    Looking back in time, the river Nile was the food basket of the world as it was then known, look at it now.

    It would seem over population has created deserts in formerly productive areas,

    Population plus livestock pressure has been named as a reason for the decline of productivity and creation of deserts.

    Surely it isn’t rocket science to see where things are heading as we continue our lemming like journey.

    Or am I just over reacting.

    The solution? Who really knows but I would think we must control the population growth and get the knowledge of sustainability back into the third world.

    They need to be able to support thier own population.

    Here in Australia the catch cry for farming has been get big or get out. There is no room for family farms.

    Having been a small time farmer (3000 acres) and living a very frugal lifestyle I know it can be done,

    Looking back at how my inlaws lived is a classic example.

    The property was settled in 1880 really virgin bush. There were 2 properties one in Brunswick on the coast and the other 100 miles inland. All bush between them, sheep were run on the Capercup property and then were walked to Brunswick to be shorn. a long slow journey.

    Later the shearing was done iat Capercup, the sheep were swum in the Arthur River to clean the fleeces before shearing.

    My FIL was 7 years old when his mother died, leaving 3 girls who were farmed out to rellies, and 2 boys who stayed in the bush with thier father.

    The boys never went to school so the little reading and writing FIL has were sell taught.

    He had 5 sons and he set them all up on farms.

    As clearing took place the sheep were run in paddocks instead of having to be sheparded, the Capercup area and then out to Qualeup

    Were where the family settled.

    In the early days of in laws marriage they only went to town twice a year. It was a 50 mile journey by horse and cart, took several days all up.

    They were almost totally self sufficient, all fresh food came from the farm only things like flour sugar ect came from the store. This was not a wheat growing area,

    They were never hungry even if the variety we now enjoy was not available to them.

    My husband and BIL”S hunted and sold kangaroo, possum and rabbit skins for pocket money .

    After WW2 things became more intensive. We scrimped and saved to develop our property, there were only 300 acres cleared when we were married in 1955. Eventually there were the experts saying get big or get out. 3000 acres was still considered small!

    Well I really can’t see the point in getting bigger with more debt only to be wiped out in drought or commodity melt downs so we oppted to retire,

    Son went to work on the mines, he now has a farm 16 acres in a small rural town, this keeps him sane. Daughter spends a lot of time there too.

    Sorry for this ever so long post


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