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Is this a weed? Or is it a sweet potato or something else

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    I’m active in a community garden and someone said I could pull this plant out as they thought it was a weed. Today I did and needed a shovel as it was a big tuber. I’m wondering if someone planted sweet potatos there a few years and these are the cousins now. Not sure whether to eat or throw away. I’ve never grown sweet potatos myself but they were the most similar by look via google images.

    Very curious.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts/advice. All comments appreciated!

    Garden is in the Melbourne area by the way :cheer:

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    The leaves are a bit out of focus but it certainly looks like sweet potato. Is there a milky sap in the shoots?


    You’re right, it looks like sweet potato. I’ve seen a white variety at the market which is purple on the inside. They also come in purple and orange too.


    It does look like sweet potato, not that I am very experienced in sweet potato plants. The leaves on my plants look very like those.

    Bel I am growing the white skinned with purple inside, I think they are called Hawaian Sunshine or something similar and are said to be low GI.



    by the looks of the tuber i’d say sweet potato



    me too,- pretty much a sweet potato


    Yes it is sweet potato and they can be a weed! I’ve mown over a patch of them many times and they still continue to grow. I think they are from the genus Ipomea and relatives are morning glory and mile a minute to name a few and are definitely weeds!


    Thanks everyone! 🙂

    It is a bit pink on the inside as one of you mentioned one of the genuses being. Yay. I’m excited, first sweet potato I’ve ever harvested. I’ll try eating it tonight. If I end up in the hospital, I’ll let ya’ll know:)

    Plum Honey


    Hi, I would say its a sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), which your spot on beno its the same genus as morning glory (Ipomoea indica), we also have a native version in the same genus, coastal morning glory (Ipomoea pre-caprae), just as nice to look at as the introduced morning glory but without the destructive nature. If you cut the top off the tuber of the sweet potato with the green growth coming out and replant it you will continue to be rewarded with more. We grow it as a ground cover in a shady area in the back yard and have been pulling tubers for around three years now. :cheer:

    cheers Jarn

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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