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irrigation for vegetable beds – inline dripper hose or soaker hose

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    Just wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions on these two?

    The inline dripper hose i am thinking of is the brown one with holes every 30cm.

    I have decided i want veggies over summer but don’t want to have to be standing around watering for hours. I don’t mind watering for a few hours through a time and slow watering, but i want it to be something fairly easy to set up, and not require too much maintenance.



    I’ve used the soaker/weeper hose here. It’s cheap and easy. You can buy lengths from cheap as chips or similar for around $15 – $20. they last a few years – even more if you cover with mulch so the sun doesn’t degrade it. Don’t have to worry about blockages etc. The water does seep out all the way along, so you don’t have ‘spot watering’ so to speak. I tend to plant my veggies close together, so it works well for me. I just run it up and down a bed in an elongated S pattern. I put a few tent pegs at various places just to keep it in place (the top hooked part holds it down – I don’t put the peg through the hose). It’s also good that you can run it under mulch as the water doesn’t evaporate straight away in hot weather. It can take a bit longer to water because it’s coming out at pressure gradually, so you can’t blast away. It’s not like you’re standing there watering though….


    I have the inline dripper system, – I’ve tried the soaker hoses but think I didn’t do that quite right,

    I think either way would be fine

    depending on your budget

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    We have used both. The drippers are much better for things that are wide apart, such as cabbage, etc. so the water gets right to the plant rather than watering where it’s not needed. Weeper are better for close planted stuff like carrots.

    However, you can’t really mix the two on the same tap otherwise if you have the tap on enough for your drippers to work properly your weeper hose will flood.

    Also, cockatoos have destroyed several sections of black weeper hose – they just chew the buggery out of it, but they’ve never touched the brown dripper hose.

    Also note that the standard for drippers is 30cm apart, but you can buy different spacings if you search for them. (probably won’t find them at Bunnings though)


    For me the soaker hose only lasted a yer before it split, we are now staring to use (still setting it up) the brown dripper hose but it’s manly going to the trees, cains and vines but that will save a couple of hours of watering.


    Im going to convert to wicking beds,they work well here.


    I use dripper hose in my garden and havent really had an issue with sections not being watered

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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