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Introduction from Morrigan farm at Mudgee

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    Thought it time I introduce myself. Craig and I run Morrigan Farm which is a 100 acre permaculture/organic/free range farm near Mudgee NSW.

    We moved fulltime to the property about 3 years ago with the view of living as simply and sustainably as possible.

    We raise saddle back pigs, dorper sheep and boer goats as well as chickens, ducks and geese.

    We have a large veggie patch and are in the process of expanding the orchard to keep the larder full!

    We preserve as much of our surplus produce as we can and process our own meat on the farm.

    As a side ( to pay the bills that keep coming) we sell preserving equipment and other useful items fr om our website.

    We love teaching people about home preserving and self-sufficiency but still enjoy learning from others. This move has certainly been the biggest learning curve of our lives

    If your interested in seeing our farm here is the link to our website




    Hello Susan, you sound a lot like us, we started out three years ago on a 10 acre piece of land in the barrington tops area, we are working hard on the vegie and orchard areas, just had a bumper crop of potatoes and getting ready to plant this years crop of garlics!

    it will be our main income. Animals like chooks,guinea fowl,geese, milking goats and a few pigs are on “the list” but so far we are “only” enjoying the company of our dog harley, she is a very good snake alarm.

    I was trying to send you an email to the address on your website but it bounced back

    cheers and welcome!!!



    Hi Susan, :wave:

    Welcome to als. Sounds like you will have lots of information to share, we do a lot of that on this site. Folk are friendly and easy to get along with. Have fun.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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