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    Morning everyone,

    Dayla, i am presently working through your byap post! talk about ups and downs! i will read through to the end and come back to you!

    Hi HT, Dierich, i am in Gisborne, Vic, beautiful place, but greenhouse essential for winter growing, boyo can it get cold!

    HT are you giving AP a go to??

    Dierich, third year! i havnt made 3 months yet! Thats fanastic, do you have Pics? would love to see!

    I am very much looking forward to graduating to trout/perch, the goldies are fun to start but doesnt seem real unless its the fish to!

    The attached is a bit of whats trying very hard to grow.

    Thus far we have (top photos)

    tomato’s, a grape vine, cucumbers, basil, corriander.

    (middle row)

    carrots and radishes, tomato seedlings grown in the growbeds themselves

    (bottom row of photos)

    Broccoli, a pumpkin!, Zuchinni and Rocket, red capsicums and more rocket!

    my capsicums are probably struggling the most but its early.

    we have strawberries and a pineapple as experiments, with the strawberries fruiting almost daily!

    But, we will be adding two more growbeds in a fortnight and i will keep you up to date with the build progress.

    At the moment, limited by my smple timer, its running for 15mins on/45mins off but will be adjusting that when have more flexibility in timers. During that time the beds will flood and drain around 4 times each.

    Thanks for your comments and support and its nice to meet you all!



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    Hi Porter,

    Looking good!

    I can see your capsicums are a bit slow, look hungry don’t they.

    Do you add seasol to the water to bump up the nutrients at all?

    I have heard of others doing this.



    Hi HG

    I seriously have aquaponic envy now,what a great set up,I look forward to regular updates of the system and what you produce from it,what part of the country are you in? if you don’t mind sharing that info.



    Welcome to ALS, Porter. What a fantastic set up. What’s the rest of your garden look like?


    Hi HG,

    here is another byap if you are interested. Ours is coming up 4 yrs


    Hi Dayla, Yep, i have added eco-fish, 500ml to the 450ltr, the water went almost black but its clearing now, the plants took a good hit and its shown significant improvements. I was edgy at first but its ok, growth has really stepped up. so i will just add a little each fortnight until its not needed.

    Still reading your byap link! you did the cutting of those IBC! great Job!

    I have two behind the greh house that i dont dare take a grinder to!!

    Hey Bandicoat! if i can get these photos up i will show you our next little project!

    The rest of the garden is pretty sparce! a dozen or so Bonsai, my wifes traditional vegie garden and waaaay to much grass to mow!

    We are going to try our own strawberry wall, maybe some herbs, get them out of the Greenhouse to make way for more vegies! Made out of old futon bed frames, some nails and all the old pots that were laying around!

    teseted it yesterday, works well, so now i hve to find a quite weekend to get the mechanics up and running and ready to plant!

    Hi to the Hopefulls! wow, i am in awe! your system is amazing!

    May i ask, how long until did you have to wait to see such fantastic growth?

    Just call me inpatient! do you find in the greehouse your just seaonally growing? or can you keep nonseason vegies producing?

    Guys, i am impressed!


    HG, we can pretty much grow anthing providing the conditions in the greenhouse are right for that veg. Growth is dependant upon the balance of the bacterias etc. if it is balanced then everything is fine.

    Currently we dont have fish, too hot for trout, so we suppliment by using seasol and using wormwee spray etc. we try not to us chemicals as it contaminates the water for the fish. As we eat the fish we have to be careful what goes in (including fishfood)


    ok yep, thanks for that.

    Hey do you guys make your own fish food?

    I am running big goldies at the moment with basic shop bought fishfood,

    also, do you get into feeding your fish crushed snails at all?




    I have a pond of duck weed that people feed to their fish. I don’t have any fish at the moment so I feed it to my chooks.



    caterpillars mainly, snails go to the chooks. At 50 trout per season, we need to purchase feed.


    Hi all.

    Well there has been movement at the Heretical GreenHouse,

    remembering its very new, the system has been cycling through its set up stages nicely,

    i can not believe the growth in the bast 11 days, plants are over doubling there size.

    Onions, tomatos and radish are all sprouting.

    Tomato and zucchini are flowering, the grape hass gone crazy!

    But attached is where we are at the moment, the second fish tank and 6 ore growbeds have arrived.

    no fittings yet so saving the 5c pieces i can find walking along!

    a complete re plumb will be in order to run the water.

    At the moment, the pump is in the rear left corner of the fish tank and splits the water left and right, but i will look at moving the pump to the new fish tank, on the left near at the entrance end.

    that will hopefully assist with a clean water flow.

    I will fill the beds with medium over the next week and bring them online as the fittings come.

    But, thats my weekend, i hope you all are makiing it thru yours safely!




    Hi everyone,

    Well its been quiet the past few weeks, heavy on the study and exams.

    A little update,we bought the second fish tank on line, the top rail is now finished with one more bed to fill. The colour of the water is thanks to seasol, otherwise it was coming clear nicely.

    We are going to intergrate the second tank with some outdoor beds, and include the two IBC’s volume into it, we can only expand from here.

    With two IBC’s, the 2 tanks and residual in the GB’s we are sitting on 3000litres.

    Small compared to some but good start i think.

    Growth is steady, we have cucumbers tomatos and Zucchuni producing,

    the goldfish are getting stupidly big!


    Looking good, I am getting inspired to crank my system up again.

    Keep informing us with updates.



    Hi Porter,

    Great system! I am also new to the forum and hoping to start my own IBC aquaponics system soon. I am looking forward to reading all about your progress and picking up some tips. Your set up looks so neat and tidy in comparison to a lot of the ones i have seen. Are you using hydroton as the grow bed media? We were hoping to use gravel but as we dont have running water I am a bit worried about being able to wash it all.

    Best wishes



    Hi Dayla! I absolutely think you should kick yours off again! Go for it! if i can assist you anyway, i would be more than happy to! How well are the Wicking beds working?

    Hi Claire, a nice to meet you!

    Thank you for your kind comments!

    I am using “1/4minus”, its a crushed blue gravel from the local nursery.

    I have copped some flack about it being to fine a material from the traditionalists but its working very well. Hydrotron was just to expensive for filling as many beds as we are planning on.

    The first time we used it, we didnt wash it, just used it straight from the truck.

    As you can imagine, the water was like coffee! but it slowly but surely cleared up as the beds acted as filters. (not crystal clear but you could see the bottom. )

    The second time we used it we filled the spare fishtank, placed a WIRE (not mesh) security door over the fish tank and just laid the gravel on the door in batches and pumped the water out of the tank washed the gravel and poured thru the door and just recycled it over and over.

    Once all the big stuff was washed off, we pumped into a spare IBC and keep it fo later use else where and worked well!

    How are you coping with no running water! i am amazed! i can see your attraction to Aquaponics. We will top up the fish tanks once a month with around 100ltrs.

    Thats around 25ltrs lost a week. but no dirt garden can complete with that per square metre.

    (to the best of my knowledge anyway!)

    Definately keep us posted on your progress! Will look forward to seeing you up and running!

    Kind Regards to you Both,


    OH AND HEY! i have just started my own facebook page for the Heretical Greenhouse, PLEASE come and join up, it documents all the progress so far, i love to cook, so i throw in favorite recipes and other stuff i can find. Heaps of photos, Videos! we are only new but HEY! Please come and visit!!

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