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Introduction and our fairly new system!

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    G’Day everyone,

    Just a quick first post in this amazing forum,

    I have spent the week pottering around here, fantastic!

    I dont even know where to begin to join in, so man interesting threads.

    ok, so, what do i do, well i am an amateur aquaponiac and here are a couple of intro photos of our heretical greenhouse! Its really quite new and only been cycling thru 24/7 for a week and so far so good.

    we have strawberries, basil, corriander, rocket, broccili, leeks, pumpkin, zucchini, tomatos, onions, beetroot, and radishes in at the momant.

    My tomatos are not doing so good, turning purple and yellow leaves, so i will have to look at that when i get a tick.

    But anyway, just a quick intro there is more of this over at byap, so, nice to meet you all and love to read more from you all.




    Hi HG,welcome to ALS.plenty of great people on here,hope you enjoy your stay.

    That is a very impressive set-up.


    Hallo and a big welcome to ALS , HG. We’re all a bit heretical on here! :laugh:

    Great set up which we will follow with much interest.I’m not aware of any regular posters doing anything on that scale. Are there?

    Always impressive when a first poster manages an avatar – love it! – and pics !! I guess there are fish in your set up …..must go back and have another look.


    Welcome to the best forum on the web!



    Hi and welcome. That looks very organised and well set up. Yep, bluezbandit, agree with that.


    Hello and welcome, Your system blows my mind, I would hate to see your idea of a professional set up.


    Thats amazing! I’ll follow this one too, if only in awe, i could never manage anything like that!


    Hi and welcome,

    your set up looks amazing!

    Where did you get your info from to set up?

    I have tried to get one going and haven’t given up yet. Mine is an ibc set up.

    Are your boxes UV stable?

    IBCs are not and so I have painted mine and covered bits with a screen.

    I found the plumbing side of it confusing but obviously you are a natural. Just like lego they say! I never had lego as a child maybe that is why my system isn’t up and running yet.

    I am looking forward to hearing and seeing how it comes along.



    Hello and welcome, I also look with envy at your set up is it powered by mains or solar?


    Hi Everyone! Nice to meet you all!

    thanks for all your kind words!

    please yes, only an amateur, just starting our foray, you should see some of the setups over at byap! now those are good!

    Its only 450ltrs, some of the bigger ones are huge! into the thousands of litres! crazy!

    I have two IBC’s catching rain off the greenhouse roof and will eventually be incorporated into the system as the growbeds expand to the lower shelves and growth starts to take off.

    Yes, 60 fish power the system, just some big brown goldies at the present however we will move onto the edible as we gain experiance and confidence.

    We are running off mains at present, however solar is the definate way to go in the future.

    because the pump only runs periodically and is only 70w, it wont need to be on a great deal, to a large solar set up is not necessary…i hope!

    Thanks Everyone!


    Hi Dayla, nice to meet you!

    I put it togther myself, just sort of built the green house to put it in then designed the system to fit. I have neatness issues so it had to be all neat and tidy, so that kind of dictated things a bit.

    There have been a few issues but sorted now most of them.

    I have seen the IBC set ups! do you have just the one or a couple together?

    If you need a hand with the plumbing, i will give any assistance i can, dont hesitate!

    do you have photos up on the forum?

    The Fish tank and Growbeds are food-grade, i got them from a place in ballarat, there were hard to find but the best i could find on price. while not UV specific, the GH does have the polycarbonate UV protected sheets so i am confident.

    Kind Regards



    Wow what a great start. welcome to the site and keep us posted as to how things will grow.



    Welcome! Where are you located Porter?

    We will be doing our third year of trout in an IBC system this year, still waiting for hubbie to build the greenhouse though, and the system will finally end up in its rightful home rather than being dismantled and moved every year :shrug:

    Look forward to watching your progress.


    HG mentioned byap – backyard aquaponics.Here’s an interesting link to their site.


    Hi Porter,

    I don’t have any pictures of my nearly finished system on this forum but I did post a lot of stuff on Backyard Aquaponics a while ago.

    I hope this link works to my posts their.

    Dale’s IBC system it is called, that’s me.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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