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    hi every one, my partner and I live in sunny Perth on a 700m block. I love the idea of living sustainably. We have taken out all the lawn and converted it into a dry garden, planting low water plants with some food crops. we are also experementing with aquaponics (not doing to well as yet). missing a link somwhere. We are retro fitting the house with solar pasive and solar power so that we have no or little energy bills. My partner is big into reuse and recycle so most that we have utilised in the garden has come from other peoples throwouts. A friend has told us that we should share what we have learned and put into practice with others, so here I am. learning and passing it on. need to learn how to use computer technology looking forward to all the tutorials on this site. :tup::


    Hi daksa,

    Nice to meet you, I am a relative newbie to this forum too! Your plans sound great…

    Check out Molly’s blog, who is in Perth, I believe, and has not long set up her own pond… might be interesting to you?

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Hello daksa and welcome to ALS:wave:

    Enjoy the journey to simple living:metal:


    Hi Daksa welcome to ALS from another Perthite. Am planning to get rid of my lawn in the near future. I read somewhere that if I just cover it over with cardboard and mulch it should die off anyway is that what you did?


    Hi julientuareg and others, thank you for your welcome.

    We doug our lawn out then covered the ground with thick 10 -20 cm mulch that we got free from this has broken down over last 8 months feeding our poor sandy soil and keeping moisture in. But covering your lawn with cardboard or newspapers and then mulch would work just as well. Because we had Sir Walter we gave our lawn away.

    its very rewarding not to have to mow lawn and we have got such a new ecosystem developing. heard our first frong song just before Chrismas and we now have ladybirds and lots of birds frolicking in our garden. love it :metal:


    Hello Daksa, :wave:

    I’m sure we will meet around the site sometime or other. Have fun.


    Hi Bobbee

    hope to be a regular on the site, my work takes me away from home days at a time, but when home I look forward to meeting lots of like mided souls.


    John and ZoeJohn and Zoe

    Hi Daksa

    Welcome to ALS! Hope to meet you at the planned GTG next month.




    Hey Daksa,

    :wave: from another WA-lien. Been a hot couple of days hey? Nice to have the ‘ol Freo Doctor to cool things off a bit in the arvo.

    Your garden sounds amazing.

    Might catch you at the get-together… if we’re not off frolicking in the bush camping.

    Take care

    Erthgirl x




    Hi Daksa,

    Welcome to ALS there are heaps of like minded folk here who love to get down and dirty:lol: Im sure you will fit right in:metal::wave:


    I hope i will be free to get to the GT depending on my shift.

    My garden is work in progress, constantly changing as I learn and our needs change. It has had five big make overs in 17 years. I think this last one (8 months ago) is finaly what I want.

    Must say I am getting a lot of satisfaction from this garden that I never got before. made a sandwich with my own tomatoes, spring onion and basil for lunch yesterday, wow taste explosion, symhony in my mouth.


    Hi Daksa

    another sand groper here :wave:

    we are up near Lancelin – we being hubby me and the goats – the goat gang 😆

    we have 3.5 ha and are working towards self sufficiency 😀



    Hi Ggang :wave:

    love lancelin we sometime go there for the weekend, and were at one stage tempted to get a block. But family responsibillities made it unfevarable.

    how do you guys do? can you grow anything in the sandy soil? :wave:

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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