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    Mudhen, seeing you are looking into the fast exercise which is Michael Mosleys book after this one, did you keep up with this? Did you end up reading the book, (


    I didn’t end up reading the book but I did keep up a one day “fast” for a few months. Then I think I got sick and fell out of the habit. I’ve started again this month though, after indulging a bit much over the holidays. Basically I worked out a rough guide as to what I could eat and be within the calorie / kilojoule range and stuck to that. I relied mainly on eggs, nuts, veggies and a small amount of fruit on that day. It really wasn’t that hard. I only did it once a week because I really don’t need to lose weight, but wanted the positive health benefits. He must be doing well financially out of it, with the books and recipe books selling well.


    I did the intermittent fasting for several months, I had no problems with it – once it became a routine.

    Not that I did it to lose weight, it was for the other health benefits. Anyway, I ended up losing about 7 kilos.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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