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    I thought I would create this as a space for people to list interesting podcasts they have come across.

    I drive 45mins to and from work and have taken to listening to podcasts when there isn’t anything on the radio.

    Personally I prefer the ones you can download rather than the streaming ones.

    I have come across the site (if you go there make sure to come back to us) which has a whole lot of podcasts you can download and listen to some are free others you have to pay for, on all sorts of different topics relating to permaculture.

    I have also come across some pod casts from “the Story of Stuff”. I have only listened to one or two but seem to be interesting.

    I have just come across this blog which has 60 podcasts about trying to live a more simple life, which although still american looks quite interesting

    I would love to find some Australian ones.

    Feel free to list your own


    I can’t go past Conversations with Richard Fiedler, great Australian ABC journo. Some fantastic interviews with the famous and not so. Hundreds of programs there!

    This guy has some interesting podcasts, The Greening of Gavin, of his journey and some quite specific, like his cheesecast.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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