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Indoor Composting / Worm Farms

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    Hi Everyone. 🙂

    I’m new here and although from a property / farm originally, I am currently in a small apartment in Sydney and am doing my best to live simply here.

    I have a bit of an issue with food scraps… I currently give away my kitchen scraps to a friend with a back yard to use in her worm farm. I have asked my building manager about a compost bin out the back but was turned away. 🙁 So I wanted to set something up indoors but I have no real balcony or laundry area (I have a sun room with a tiny balcony off it that you can access only via a window)!

    I am searching for the best method to compost indoors. I did a forum search and can’t find anything so please excuse me if the question has been asked before.

    I have looked into worm farms but as I have a North-Eastern exposure I think my sunroom is just going to be too hot for them, which means I think I will be stuck with simply composting.

    I have looked at a few things and so far:

    They are all essentially variations of one or two themes, but does anyone have any experience with indoor compost bins or have an idea on which would be best?


    Friends of mine have a bokashi bucket that they swear by. The ‘juice’ that comes out of it makes great fertiliser.

    I made a worm farm with the kids yesterday out of polystyrene boxes. Would you have room for something like that in your apartment? The polystyrene also insulates the worms so they don’t get too hot. If it didn’t work out, at least you wouldn’t have a big price outlay….


    Thanks Bel and Mummyjas.

    Bel – unfortunately I am not sure I would be able to accommodate the worm farm and I still feel I’d be dooming the worms to a slow-baked death if I were to buy them. The room is awfully hot. And in the strong summer sun, even the insulation, would likely be too much.

    Mummyjas – The closest community garden is about 15 mins away on foot (I don’t have a car) which is not too bad (although still a ways to walk with sticky food scraps)! I’ve looked into a plot there but the waiting list is about 2 years. 😮

    As I do have a fair bit of green waste I also need something relatively big – so I guess it sounds like the Bokashi bins might be the answer?

    Now it is just a matter of either the spray ones or the Bushaki grain?×2/


    Where in Sydney are you? I am happy to give you my old one although you still need to get the Bokashi ‘stuff’.

    If it’s someone from this forum just let me know and I’m happy to give it to you (free)


    Yvonneh – Oh wow! Are you serious? Are you sure I can’t offer you something in return?

    I live in the Inner Eastern Suburbs…. Are you close?


    Hi Emma-Leigh

    I’m in Peakhurst but will be in Kingsford on Saturday evening… where are you located? Oddswop is actually a startup I’m involved in so would really encourage you to ‘make an offer’ on the site 🙂 (offer me $0)

    I’m happy to pass it to someone who will make good use of it!

    Kind regards,



    I’m down in Rushcutter Bay (so about another 10 mins toward the city).

    Are you driving? What time will you be heading this way?

    Also – if Sat isn’t going to be easy, what are you doing friday?

    I have made an offer of $5. 🙂


    Hi there — I’ve responded via Oddswop but re the location, I can drive into Rushcutters bay on Saturday… I’ll have to confirm a time but say around 5pm?


    Welcome Emma-Leigh, we’re a friendly and fairly generous bunch around here.


    Thank you Yvonneh. 🙂 I have sent you a text message…. And thank you so much (again) for your kindness. :blush:

    Look forward to meeting you saturday. 🙂


    Vanessa post=359543 wrote: Welcome Emma-Leigh, we’re a friendly and fairly generous bunch around here.

    Hi Vanessa. 🙂 Thank you for your welcome. Everyone has been so lovely already that I can’t wait to get to know you all better. 😀

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