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Indian Ringneck Parrot needs new home

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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve sadly decided to rehome my indian ringneck parrot, Zhaan. We are having problems with him plucking one of his cockatiel cagemates and since they fell in “love” his behaviour is less than ideal shall we say. He is very defensive of her and the cage they share with another cockatiel. It’s really not working out and I don’t have the option for another cage to separate them so made the sad decision that he might be better off elsewhere if we can find a suitable person/family for him.

    He would probably suit someone with an aviary, but he is hand tamed, however wasn’t raised fantastically in that when he is in the right mood he can get nippy. I’ve spent a lot of time training him however Ringnecks need constant work and tend to go “feral” again quickly if not handled every day.

    Needs someone confident with parrots and preferably experienced with Ringnecks and their mood swings! He is currently housed indoors in a large cage and let out for daily flight time indoors. He is quite the character and provides plenty of entertainment but as with all parrots can be loud when excited.

    His good points are that he is absolutely stunning, a great talker and in great health. He is about 2 years old.

    He is located in Ulladulla, NSW south coast – about 3 hours from sydney and 2.5 from canberra.

    So, if you are interested, state your case and I’d need to see photos of the accommodation on offer and so on, as an appropriate home is a must for this special boy. He will be missed dearly!

    Thanks for reading!



    Just had to say he is absolutely beautiful – hope you find him the bestest of homes :tup:


    Roquen I am so sorry that you need to rehome your beautiful parrot. Like

    Cindy I hope you find the ideal home and family for him. :hug::hug:z for you.



    What a beautiful bird! I hope you find a lovely home for him soon. Its so tough when it doesn’t work out…..:hug:

    Good on you for doing the right thing though.:tup: Too many people release birds/wildlife when it doesn’t work out.


    Thanks for the kind words everyone!


    What a pity you live so far away as I am looking for a birdie companion and have lots of time to lavish on one. We are in QLD though.

    gypsyoak you are right- we get one exactly like the piccy above visiting our wild bird feeder now and then. There are also a couple of cockatoos that appear not to be coping very well in the wild either ;-(


    I’ve decided to keep Zhaan. I’ve talked hubby into a 2nd cage to separate him from the tiel he was plucking and I’ve made a big effort to do some more training with him and he has improved a lot. I got really upset thinking about him going and am very thankful to my DH for putting up with me and all my animal shenanigans!


    Glad that you’ve decided to keep him Roquen. Funny thing, I met a guy at Laurieton market on Sunday who had one on his shoulder and told him you were trying to give one away. I’ve given him the website address for him to find the thread and now it looks like it’s too late. Never mind, Zhaan is obviously meant to be with you which is great.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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