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    try fenugreek for the clay soils


    This is a pic of green manure, saia oats, I slashed it down and ploughed it in about 6 months ago. Second pic is in the same spot a few days ago. Mostly corn and sweet potatoes, tall tree on left is tamarillo, less than 6 months old


    What a beautiful, prosperous looking plot. I am seriously getting into the green manure idea…we live on the crest of a hill, mainly rock, some gravel/poor sand and random blocks of clay. Wind is a perpetual problem, so we have been planting our boundaries with a thick cover of natives that will survive on little or no extra water. I am composting and mulching, but feel the green manure will be of benefit. Am thinking Lupins at this point.


    Variety is the key

    Think of it as different plants mining the sub soil for minerals, that they bring to the surface.

    Different plants have different minerals in them.

    You then mulch on site and add to the topsoil, for the shallow rooted delicate plants to use, that you want to eat.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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