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    Hi everyone

    I have been sick for over two weeks now. Not easy with two active girls and a newborn. First it was breastfeeding problems, then I came down with the flu which was topped off with a throat infection and now I just have this awful cough which is keeping me awake at night. Typical, the baby sleeps and I am still up every hour!!

    My Dr gave me antibiotics for my throat but I just can’t get rid of this cough and wheezy feeling and it is driving me crazy. I get to sleep at night and then an hour later wake up coughing to the point of almost throwing up. This goes on all night and then eases through the day before starting up again as the day cools down.

    So two questions. Any hints or tips for this awful tickly rattly chesty cough.

    And what can I take to give my immune system a boost so that hopefully I can actually have some decent well time. At the moment I feel like I have been sick with colds and flus more than I have been well. I feel more tired now than when I was pregnant.

    And here is a new picture of the kids for anyone who is interested. Can you believe that Edward is four weeks old tomorrow!!

    Talk soon, Keri.


    Sounds like you need a boost! I’ve been in your position and sometimes we need to be reminded to put ourselves higher on the priority list, like how on a plane you’re to put the oxygen on yourself before attending to your child.

    When I have a cough keeping me awake at night I like to use thyme oil in an oil burner or in a vapouriser. Thyme oil really helped soothe the cough. If you like the smell (I do!) you can make a tea with fresh or dried thyme and drink that also. But if you really do have a chest infection and you’re not getting better, then perhaps you should follow your doc’s advice on the anti-Bs. I know they’re evil, but sometimes they are necessary. Or a consult with a naturopath?

    Could you call in some favours for some frozen dinners or a cleaner to do the house while you rest? Can your husband take a day off to mind the kids? If you can nourish yourself with good food, loving company and lots of rest you’ll bounce back sooner. Works for me. :shy:


    Hi Keri,

    Sounds like you are doing it tough at the mo.

    That flu thing is definately doing the rounds.

    I was sick not long ago with what you seem to have and the cough lasted weeks and weeks.

    All I can say is take all the antibiotics, get as much rest as you can, eat as well as you can, get plently of fresh fruit and vegetables and maybe take a multivitamin.

    Only time and taking care of yourself will be your best ali. :hug:


    I know you’ve probably tried it but a spoonful of honey might help the tickly cough. Have it at your bedside and take it as soon as you wake up. Also try sleeping a little propped up- sometimes it can help. An all natural cough reliever I use is fruit vinegar – soak 1lb of soft fruit ( strawberries, raspberries Blackberries or blackcurrants are very good) in 1 pint of malt vinegar for a week stirring occasionally. Strain, to every pint of liquid add 1 lb sugar, bring to boil and simmer until syrupy. Bottle and store in cool dark place. I know it maybe no good now but keeps for a couple of years. I always have some in my cupboard in fact just made the blackberry one this week. Its also good on pancakes!!


    I forgot to add hope you feel better soon


    Hope you’re feeling better soon Keri :hug:


    Cute kiddies. :hug:

    My solution for that cough of yours involves alcohol which you’re probably not allowed to have but this works every time for me. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of Manuka Honey in about 1/4 cup of brandy. Sip slowly before bed.

    I do hope you get better soon. :hug:


    You poor thing! Feeling lousy, no sleep, it can’t be easy. Hope you feel better soon!

    To add to the list of alternative things to do, we swear by Olive Leaf Extract in this household. It’s a natural anti-viral eveidently – and great for boosting the immune system. You don’t have to take it all the time, just when you’re feeling crook.

    I’d probably ask them first if it’s OK as you’re breastfeeding –

    Your babies are be-u-ti-ful BTW !! Real little cuties!


    Gorgeous family!!

    Hi Keri,

    We use honey with some lemon juice and cinnamon stirred (50%honey, 50%lemon and as much cinnamon as you like) in, taken by the spoonful as you need it. Also I make sure I cover my throat area as soon as the temperature drops – even a thin scarf helps. It even helps for the asthmatic wheeze I get at night!

    Im also a great believer in homemade chicken soup – mum calls it Jewish penicillin!

    I hope you are better soon:hug:

    I also remembered this recipe:

    It soothes an irritated throat and relieves chest congestion and phlegm. The bad news: it tastes terrible

    * 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    * 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

    * 1 Tablespoon honey

    * 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar

    * 2 Tablespoons water

    Mix and take by the teaspoon.


    I grew up on Dutch licorice…very very salty licorice. people either love it or hate it but I’ve always found it wonderful for a sore throat.


    This sounds like what I had a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t get rid of the cough. I went to a natropath friend and she suggested Colloidal Silver. Caugh cleared up really quick after that. I bought it at a local health food shop


    Thanks for the advice everyone. There are some great tips that I am going to try.

    I did end up back at the Dr today. Hubby insisted. Turns out that I have infective asthma, so an infection in my lungs which is causing the cough and wheezing and is also resistant to the antibiotics I was prescribed for my throat. I’m on new antibiotics, plus asthma treatment until it clears up.

    I also saw a different Dr this time and she gave me a big talking to about looking after myself and making sure that I take care of myself as well as the kids.

    We also have to look at any possible asthma triggers that are in our house. She says the fact that I start coughing when I go to bed means that there is a trigger in our room. Could be dust mites, could be the cold. Wonder if this will strengthen my argument with hubby about pulling up the carpet in the house and having boards instead!!

    So thanks again everyone. After only one dose of Asthma meds I am already feeling better. Here’s hoping the ABs kick in and take care of the rest quick smart.

    Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep tonight!!



    Hope you are soon well again. It must be horrible feeling crap and having all of your little ones (as lovely as they look) to care for.

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