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Immediate Threat – Oil Shockwave Scenario (Part 2)

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    The thing with rolled oaty type stuff in my experience is WEEVILS and BUGS! We store our rolled oats and muesli in the fridge. I have just bought some hulled whole oats and we will try rolling our own.



    Wombat Wrote:

    The thing with rolled oaty type stuff in my experience is WEEVILS and BUGS! We store our rolled oats and muesli in the fridge.

    No spare room in our fridge but with oats and flour for longer storage I place the packets in large zip lock bags and freeze for 48 hr to kill any bugs and hopefully eggs. Then after they have come to room temp I store away in a large plastic container, usually still within the ziplock bags just in case.

    I figure some loss of stockpile is acceptable, I view it like an insurance policy. Occasionally something will go off or get bugs or is not used (like powdered milk which we normally don’t use so is only there as a back up) but I’m OK with that. Still is a very cheap “insurance policy”.


    If things go off (in terms of weevils or bugs -not rotten off :rip:) they still make excellent chook food. My girls adore a porridge made up of anything that has been bug bitten. Lets face it if there was a choice of starving or eating oats with a weevil (just a bit of extra protein) most of us would eat the oats.


    I’ve found that knives are far cheaper on eBay or buying directly from the USA.

    Contrary to my previous advice, Customs has now changed their restrictions on knife imports (without changing their documentation by the way) so that any knife that can be opened by one hand and/or has a thumb stud to assist opening will now be confiscated and destroyed.

    Considering that 90% of pocket knives these days are designed this way, it is getting very hard to buy a knive from overseas.

    If you see a good knife in a store I recommend buying it. The stores will run out soon and won’t be getting any more in.

    Please note that while it is now illegal to import these knives, it is not illegal to own them (at least not in NSW).


    Thanks for the tip, RW. :clap: I got myself a nice Leatherman, the other day. The last one they had. <Whew!> Nearly missed the boat.


    Lucky my parcel didn’t get opened then as it had 2 single handed victorinox included. would have been mad if they had been nicked.


    UAE Ambassador Says Country May Back A US-Israeli Attack On Iran

    The U.A.E. may be about to support the U.S. and Israel in their rumored plans to attack Iran, according to reports from Der Spiegel.

    The U.A.E.’s ambassador to the U.S., Yousef Al Otaiba, recently expressed his concerns that the costs of having Iran be a nuclear power were too high for his country, and worth the costs of going to war with the country.

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)
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