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    My shock is that husbands would know there was a stockpile. When I was married my husband had no idea what i spent on groceries or what there was. he admits it was a bit like believing in food fairies. it all just


    thanks for your encouragement, i’ll have to keep going on the sly i think. we are dairy intolerant and also wheat is something we can have in only small doses (along with a whole heap of other problems we suffer from like sensitive skin) – that’s why i decided to grow/make my own as much as possible.

    i’d love to have meat rabbits even if it were only to feed the cats and dogs but hubby freaks out about that one so we are waiting patiently on that note. i am trying to psyche myself up to do the deed with our chickens when they start multiplying and provide our own meat which would help out too.

    we can only do our best when the other half is turned around but our best is better than nothing at all


    I’m stocking up on rice at the moment. While I have good preserved stocks of wheat, sugar and salt, rice is something I’ve neglected. It’s a very convenient food in an emergency because it can bulk out other meals quickly, contains lots of energy, and if you leave it to soak in water you don’t even have to boil it.

    Going to experiment with 20L buckets, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers with white rice. I have everything I need to get started except all the rice!


    fruitful post=306932 wrote: total downer, talked to hubby about the stocking up idea he presented and it had fizzed out to this reply “well maybe get enough to last two weeks”. I’ve been doing that for all this time!!! back to the “old” drawing board i guess

    If you get those extra two weeks of food at least then you’ll have 4 weeks total. Not bad compared to most of the sheeple.

    I sympathize for those with less-than-understanding partners. If you’ve got some spare cash, sometimes you’ve just got to make an executive decision to prep, and then tell them about it later if you want (or not, as the case may be).


    Rice is the best thing to stock up on. Dont forget there are all sorts, white, brown, arborio,sushi rice (short grain), sweet rice. Asian supermarkets stock it in 5 kg bags. Always wash rice to get rid of the starchs weevils, and goodness knows what several times, so its a great long storage thing.

    Stock up on Nori (seaweed) to make sushi as it can be made with just about any filling you can name. I like it with Soy sauce while hubby always uses sweet chilli, another wasy homemade sauce by the way.

    I have nori 10 years old on the shelf and it still works, tough but edible, I am experimenting with vacuum sealed nori at the moment. One Asian student showed me how to cut squares and cook it over a flame and pick up rice with it, cant see the difference much but hey it uses up old nori.

    While I am at it this is the best whole fish I learnt from a Chinese chef, hopefully we will always be able to get fish.

    one whole fish or pieces,

    bits of ginger,

    The green stuff on spring onions,or any onion type thing chopped finely.

    olive oil

    soy sauce

    Boil whole fish in water with slices of ginger and a pinch or two of chopped onion tops, keep spooning hot water over if its big, or put a cake slide on a baking dish to help.

    Meanwhile boil up a slurp of oil, and soy sauce. Throw in ginger and onion, should snap crackle and pop, pour over fish on the plate.

    If you have cooked the fish just right you should be able to fork the flesh to one side and pick up the tail ,backbone and head in one, great way to get rid of the major bones.


    Kasalia post=307007 wrote: Rice is the best thing to stock up on. Dont forget there are all sorts, white, brown, arborio,sushi rice (short grain), sweet rice. Asian supermarkets stock it in 5 kg bags. Always wash rice to get rid of the starchs weevils, and goodness knows what several times, so its a great long storage thing.

    If you are stocking for the long term, and not rotating your stockpile, as am I, you’ll need white rice, not brown rice. Brown will go rancid within a few years, even if kept in a low oxygen environment.

    White rice has the potential to last almost indefinitely if stored under the right conditions.

    To prevent weevils the easy way, freeze the rice in its original bag for a few days. You won’t get rid of any weevils, but they’ll be dead. The extra protein won’t hurt you.

    I buy the homebrand 5kg bags on special. If we’re going back to our stockpile schedule, that can be this week’s stock item.

    1 x 5kg bag of white rice. $7.50.

    After the QLD floods it comforted me to have so many PM’s from people who’d had access to their stockpile from our previous peak oil scenario. If you’re one of those people, there’s no time like the present to restock your stockpile.


    Hi rw, where do you get your mylar bags and oxygen absorbers from?


    Deleted and moved to my blog. Didn’t like the editing here.


    Had to go over to the main town near here and called into Coles and in a trolley was organic peanut paste date due was next year. So I bought 3 of each 9 in total for $2 each marked down from $6.

    Also picke dup some rice I paid $8.99 for 10kilos I cook my rice in stock powder to make it tatse nice. I also bought some water 15 liters container.

    Next time I get near the main shopping center I will get some tablets for purifying water. Handy to have it.

    UHT is on special at Woolies 2l for $2

    I have thought about preserving some of the milk for hard times any one done it I have done butter but thought the milk might burn in the jars


    Thanks for it while it was up it was a good post.


    Hubby picked up 25 x 2 litre UHT milk for $2 each. It is good as a back up.

    I found in our local chemist they were selling off Glucosamine 200 tablets for $5 normally $15 I bought 4. When I showed Hubby he said to go back and get some more. The chemist we use has a card and everytime you buy something you get money on this card and mine was up to $10 so I bought another 2 and still ended up getting somethng on it for buying the others.

    The other chemist has 2 containers of 400 fish oil capsules for $25 so I will get that next week as Hubby takes both for his pains


    I picked up 10 kilo’s of long grain rice at Aldi this week for $9.99.


    That’s a good price. Is that a standard thing or were they trying to get rid of them?


    I picked up the same special as smiffy :laugh:

    But we live in the same area so it might just be local.


    A bit frightening when I tuned on the computer mine goes to the MNS web site and the US has bombed Lybia.

    I bottled all the tomatoes that I had managed to get them to turn red. For soups in winter.

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