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    ….where would it be, and why? Within Australia.

    It’s a fun topic anyway, but I admit to an ulterior motive. We’re currently between dwellings, ready to do some travelling to find a place to settle for a while. I’d love to find somewhere with an alternative population, where there’s creativity and interesting events. I’d also like a decent homeschooling/unschooling group, good weather (minimal frosts, warm winter days-I hate cold), affordable on a low income……..and if you can throw in some organic buying co-ops, a permaculture or transition group and an active crafting group i’d be in HEAVEN.

    So even if your dream doesn’t match my ideals, please post. And if it does, please tell me!



    Can’t beat the sunshine coast, in my opinion. But it’s not cheap by any means.

    The crystal waters Eco village might be of interest

    I love the look of lot 82


    I live in Southern Victoria. If I could transfer my house, my backyard with my fruit trees and vegie gardens, my chook houses, my front yard and all my plants and yard stuff into a big paddock in my region with no neighbours as far as my eye could see I would be one happy woman. I like seasons and I have developed in intolerance to heat.

    Le Loup

    I like four seasons also, & I dislike the summer heat. I sometimes wonder how I managed to stay sane living 10 years in the Territory!

    I moved to New England near Armidale 20 odd years ago, & apart from Tasmania I can’t think of a better place to be. The Snowy would be too cold for my wife, but here it is not too hot & not too cold.

    Early morning in Wychwood Forest.


    Over my lifetime I have lived in a lot of places as we travelled with work and also during that time, looking for what we perceived as the “right” place for us. To cut a long story short, I have found Tasmania to be just that place. It has such incredible diversity and really something for everyone. So many beautiful places all within a short range of travel. I particularly love this diversity within a couple of hours drive – the mix of country/rural life, seaside with all its activities, snow and mountains, wilderness and then for the times you want it, capital cities and all that goes with them. What more could you want.


    I’m so lucky to be in Tasmania, Its magnificent!


    It’s good to see not everyone is eternally dissatisfied like myself!

    We own a lovely house in a lovely town in Tassie-I lasted 18 months there. But the coldness, the greyness an the short days drove me slightly batty. I can handle SOME of it-but not nine months a year then a watery summer. Living in Cairns for four years previously may have done that to me. I agree it’s gorgeous, the educational systems are second to none and the pace of life is awesome. But I think I have SAD, and that combined with pregnancy led me to stuff everyone in the car in June and head north again. :blush:

    Le Loup-Armidale is gorgeous, i’ve been there twice in the last month. The warm days sort of make up for the cold nights. Although the ice on the car at 6am was kinda scary!

    selinaneil-There’s just something about the Sunshine Coast that leaves me cold. I love it in theory, but when I go there it’s a big let-down. I’m not sure why, too poshed-up for me maybe……..Kenilworth is OK, but the rest I can take or leave.

    donnamac-I’m in Mt Evelyn now-got offered a job, nearly stayed in the area for a year, and grew up here-but I now have an intolerance to the cold, and the kids seem to have been born with one 😉


    Move back to far north qld again. 😆

    I love the far north. Have tried to live in other places but failed. I hate the cold. Hate the “poshed up” attitudes of some places but I will admit that attiude has crept into the more upmarket parts of the far north.

    I love the laid back lifestyle and the weather. You can still grow things but you have to grow different things to what you grow down south.

    Le Loup

    bluezbandit post=321514 wrote: I’m so lucky to be in Tasmania, Its magnificent!

    Absolutely beautiful, love it.


    Tassie is definately my first choice, but made the comprimise with the other half to go to Glen Innes where I will still get the cooler climate…………can handle the cold but the tropicle heat has been wearing me down for the last few years. It doesn’t have the diversety of Tassie but at least I will get four seasons 🙂

    Le Loup


    roundthebend post=321546 wrote: Tassie is definately my first choice, but made the comprimise with the other half to go to Glen Innes where I will still get the cooler climate…………can handle the cold but the tropicle heat has been wearing me down for the last few years. It doesn’t have the diversety of Tassie but at least I will get four seasons 🙂


    Just in case you are interested. We are not far from Guyra off the Old Armidale Road.

    New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760

    My Blog.


    PS: We have a group member in Glen Innes.


    You might end up with 2 members in Glen Innes once we get there . I’ve always been interested in using resources on hand rather than going out and buying all the new fangled gagetry and think history can provide the information to use thaose resources.


    I would love to live anywhere near montville or maleny on 50+ acres with views out to the ocean.

    Of course you need to be a multi-millionaire to afford that lifestyle so it’ll remain a dream for me.

    This would do


    We travelled all around the country for a year and eventually settled exactly where we want to be- Blue Mountains. :tup: Yes, winter is cold for 2-3 months (but usually sunny) if you are up the top as we are, further down the mountains is just like Sydney weather but not mountain-ey enough for us. The higher you go (further from Sydney) the cheaper it is, but much more beautiful in my opinion.

    Got a few snowfalls this winter which was amazing and beautiful. Warm-hot summers. Beautiful scenery and landscapes, parks, gardens etc. Huge amount of creative arty people, local markets, alternative groups etc. Big homeschooling network (I’ve heard).

    We are about 1 to 1.5 hours from Sydney if we ‘need’ to travel in for a bit of city culture every now and then, see a show or do a beach trip, but honestly we don’t feel the need much.

    Made up of a string of small villages, most of which are very down-to-earth, (only 1 or 2 which I think a bit pretentious and showy!) lots of people into similar interests.

    Crikey, I should ring the tourist board and ask for a job now!


    I love the Blue Mountains mountainmum, it’s a lovely spot. We’re down the NSW coast which is equally lovely but it’s a couple of hrs drive to Sydney for us. DH often travels up for work as his companies main office is up there but I’m quite happy to stay here in the sticks.

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