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If not soy, then what?

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    I want an alternative to cow’s milk – no real reason other than I just feel it might be healthier and more environmentally friendly. What other alternatives are there besides soy (which gives me bad indigestion, not to mention the fact that I really don’t like the taste)?

    The other considerations are cost – right now we pay $1.25/litre for milk and we can’t afford much more than about $2.00/litre for whatever I substitute. Right now it would just be me drinking it, and I want it for adding to tea, porridge/muesli, and occasionally, just to drink.

    Plus it needs to be readily available… we don’t exactly live in a ’boutique’ suburb so I need to be able to get something that’s fairly mainstream. There are options of organic shops not too far away, but realistically, I don’t want to be tied to them, should I run out and not be able to make it there when they’re open. I guess if I’m drinking something UHT then that’s not so much an issue…

    So with those parameters in mind, what do you suggest?!


    Goats milk, although I don’t know what it would taste like in tea.

    I use oat milk and almond milk to make porridge or use on cereal bost taste fine but almond milk is quite sweet.


    Taste all right in coffee no problems


    We use Australia’s Own Organic Honey Oat milk – love it on cereal, it’s around about $2.70 for a litre but I stock up when it’s on special. I find almond milk way to sweet – although it may be alright for cooking with.

    Both my kids have adapted fine to having oat milk – in fact my DS who is five prefers it to cows milk. DD three would rather cows milk but if there is none in the house will have the oat milk. The only one I haven’t coverted yet is my husband (the biggest kid of all ;)).

    I always keep a little bit of cows milk in the fridge for when people pop around for a cuppa though!


    Thanks for the ideas – I hadn’t thought of oat milk; it might be worth a try. I’m not sure how easily I can get goat’s milk regularly – might see if the health food shops round us stock it. Given me ‘food’ for thought, anyway! Cheers :tup:


    PureHarvest Oat Milk… as far as I can see, it’s the only oatmilk that is made from organic whole oats… the others… are made from oat flour.

    In Perth it is sold in most IGA’s, Coles and Woolies… for $2.30 – $2.60… it retails for around $3 in swanky health food and organic shops.

    If you’re local supermarket doesn’t stock it, they would be able to get it in… if they knew they had a market for it… As the IGA’s band together and buy bulk, it would be on their product list… even if they didn’t stock it… so not too much of a stretch to ask them to.

    I’ve been making almond milk at home… and oat milk’s not too hard to make either… but for me… buying the carton is cheaper than buying the individual components to make it… especially if buying organic ingredients. Almond milk is cheaper to make because you can whizz it up twice and make about 2L out of a cup of almonds.

    I soak a cup of almonds overnight.

    Drain then put soaked almonds and 3-4 cups of water in blender.

    Blend it for about a minute, strain into a jug.

    Then put pulp back in blender with another 3 cups of water.

    Blend again for a minute and repeat the process.

    You can use the pulp to add to biscuits, cakes, pancakes etc.


    ETA you can get paint strainer bags from the paint section of your local hardware stores and these are great for straining your nut milk pulps…

    You can use the method above for any nut milk… almond, pecan, walnut, brazil etc.


    We use raw cows milk. We get it from a market at $2.50/L but it is also available from many health food type shops. It is usually sold as ‘bath milk’.

    Raw cows milk has the enzymes intact which help you to digest the milk. Pasteurisation kills these enzymes – this is why many people have trouble with it. Also, raw milk has to be cleaner going into the bottle – pasteurisation covers up a lot of ‘sins’ which I won’t go into here. Raw milk doesn’t spoil, it sours and can still be used for many purposes.

    Raw milk freezes well – we buy about 4 x 2L at a time and it lasts about 2 weeks – we freeze the ones we are not immediately using and defrost them in the sink overnight when we need more.

    Raw milk has the cream on top – you can easily separate it and use it for cooking or making butter or whatever, or else give the bottle a shake each time you pour to mix it up.

    The best proof for me came one day when a friend’s daughter came over. She had a milkshake made on raw milk. Normally, within half an hour, she gets a red rash after drinking milk. No rash from the raw milk, though.

    And – raw milk tastes better and fills you up more – so you need less. This has become clear to me after observing our son.


    Love raw milk! :tup:

    We’re so lucky to have fresh weekly supply from a relatives dairy farm.


    I’m not actually having any real health problems with cow’s milk… I tried organic a while back and found that it was too fatty for me (we buy reduced fat, normally). I can’t really cope with really fatty food, or at least milk-based fat (like cream and butter). I just wanted to really see if there were something else as an alternative… but thanks for the idea anyway 🙂

    I’m off to the shops on Wednesday so I’m going to buy almond, oat, and rice milks (came to mind when I was making the shopping list); I’ll see if I can get some goat milk to try as well – I’ll let you know what I think!


    You can buy goats milk at Coles and Woolies but it is over $4 a litre.


    Becca if you would be happy with frozen goats milk pm me …….. we come to Perth northern suburbs every few weeks to pick up organic food …… its not for sale but the “girls” would love to swap it for a contribution towards their food 🙁



    Cheers Anne! I’m going to try some first to see if I like the taste, and I’ll let you know. :tup:


    you’ll probably have a period of adjustment no matter which milk you go to. it’s like when you go from full fat to skim/shape milk.

    if you could get raw milk cheap enough, you could skim the cream off and make your own butter with it 🙂 that way you’d have low fat milk and butter.


    No worries Becca but I wouldnt recommend trying the stuff from the supermarket ……… I am quite happy to give you a sample to try ………. or if you are going to the Royal show go to the goats and ask to try some !!! The goats are there all week I can give you the name of a friend of mine who is there …………..



    g’day becca,

    for me it’s cows milk fresh from the cow, or no milk at all. some say goats milk but you need to find a tasty one. i have used it would use it again from eh same source but not easily available too far away.


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