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    Now, this is a crazy idea that popped into my head this morning so please don’t give me all the bad news straight away 😉

    I know a few people on ALS have online stores where they sell things they’ve made (sewing, soap, preserves etc). I am after advice about how you find it.

    I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about some of my photos. It got me thinking about whether I might be able to use them as a form of making art accessible to all.

    Before you think I’ve got tickets or think I can make a buck, let me explain my philosophy on art (including photos and literature). I believe art should be accessible to all. It is important to our souls; whether it sends a message or is just simply beautiful.

    I have often seen photos that I have fallen in love with only to discover that a print costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. I have no issue with that because an artist has got to eat.

    But I have a job that pays well – so I wondered whether I could sell some of my photos to fund my hobby and as a project to make art accessible to those who otherwise might not be able to afford it.

    I was thinking of either using my existing blog or setting up another website where I could sell them for say cost of printing / postage plus $20 – $30 depending on what people might pay.

    Given the internet age, people could even save on postage by nominating their own printer who I could email the file to.

    Like I said – crazy thoughts while walking to work under what was a hot sun. :shy:

    Just know there are a few artists here who sell their work who might have some experience.


    not a crazy idea at all! there are sites like Red Bubble where you can sell your photos – i haven’t done this myself, but know a couple of people who have used it in the past. There are thousands of photos to choose from though …. but can be made as prints, tshirts, various gifts etc.


    A local artist here uses Red Bubble and told me she makes more selling locally than on there.

    Herby, how about getting a few photos framed up attractively and taking them around to local restaurants/coffee shops to hang on their walls to sell, at say 15-25% commission. Then when they sell, or every month or two, you can do the rounds and replace them with new ones.

    Most of the local cafes here have local artist’s work on display.

    Just an idea.


    Great Idea Mars!

    Herby I love your photos (and you :shy: )

    Disable right clicking though esle nasties might steal them:@



    How do I disable right clicking?


    Hubby sells beautiful photos at the Bello market 8 x 10 inch in a mat frame. Not very popular tho seems everyone has a photo to sell. These are $8 but we are not going to take them anymore just take up valuable space. 🙁 He has won prizes and all through Camera clubs and things all his life.

    I wish you luck in doing better tho Herbman,maybe you could check out with the local framing shop and do a deal.;)


    Kasalia wrote:

    maybe you could check out with the local framing shop and do a deal.;)

    Most will give you some discount if you go there all the time.

    I used to get a 10% discount at the framing shop when I was in Brisbane because I used them all the time. Also they were cheaper than the other one to start with, so the 10% was a bonus.


    Kasalia That’s why I wanted to do something that was low input and low maintenance. Because everyone has photos for sale. I was thinking of just note on blog to say ‘if you want to buy any email me’.

    I’ve seen a few other blogs with notes like that. Low risk, low effort. Wouldn’t expect to sell many but I know that if I saw a photo I really liked I’d buy it if it was a price I could afford.

    We’ve got a lot of really good galleries around our area so would be competing with real artists who are already flooding the local market.

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