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I tried again

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    Well I resowed some seeds into some loo rolls 10 beans, 2 zucchinis 2 luffa 2 broccoli nit over a week ago and U guessed it nothing has come up. I am at my witts end I have never had this much trouble I am just about ready to give in. I have done everything I possibly can kept them moist but not too dry or too wet and in a spot where they get plenty of filtered sunlight all to no avail.


    What a bugger! Have you tried seeds from or


    Have you checked the dates also? Has the weather heat been warm enough?

    Is the seed still in the dirt?

    This may sound wierd but it really works. Tie a piece for cord, string, wool whatever to a peg. Put the seed down on a table or any surface and hold the string and peg steadily over the seed. If the peg swings in a circle (usually clockwise) the seed is still viable if it stands still its not worth planting.

    Great for out of date seeds.:tup:


    Lollie3, why not try direct into the soil rather than the loo rolls. Are rodents eating them?

    fluffy chook

    Really Kasalia! Must give it a go:D

    Sorry lollie – no suggestions re seeds except as others have said to check use by date:shrug:

    fluffy chook

    Really Kasalia! Must give it a go:D

    Sorry lollie – no suggestions re seeds except as others have said to check use by date:shrug:


    It can be dishearntning at times cant it?

    My advice is go buy some seedlings if you can and then do your seeds.

    That way you mighten be so disapointed but also it gives you something to look forward too (your first crop) while those lil seeds are growing 🙂

    My apolagies if that isnt the advice you wanted but i havent done the seed thing yet and im doing lots reascearch ad asking a good friend who dose it all the time what to do cos i know zip.

    ALSO can you try a mini hot house? Make one or buy one (i seen a seed try and container in Big W so maybe that might be the way to go till your lil seeds get bigger then pop in toot rolls?

    The others had great advice thou :tup:



    you don’t state your location, it could be temperature, especially if you are still having coldish nights.

    Beans and zucchinni need a soil temperature of 15deg C, so you’ll probably need them in a warm spot to get them to germinate.

    It is possible that all your seeds are no longer viable, but that would be a big coincidence for all the seeds you’ve sowed.

    If the seeds dry out for any length of time they will not germinate. – I spray mine every hour to ensure they stay moist.

    Be patient maybe it’s not warm enough, or try again ensuring optimum conditions

    hope this helps



    I am in QLD gemjill at Deception Bay.

    Porgey I have tried direct sowing too but out of the 20 seeds that I planted only 1 came up


    I killed a lot of my seeds last year by leaving them in the garage during a heatwave. Silly me! So some of those seeds have a 0% germination rate so far.. and others are low. I do the toilet roll thing too, but sometimes I either over water them, or under water them.. 😆 It’s a bit tricky! I found it a little easier to control the water level using plastic tubes (heaps at the tip-shop, or I reckon nurseries would have some spare), but planting the plants out is more difficult than with toilet rolls, which don’t disturb the roots at all.

    Oh, and one time I managed to get only one seedling out of maybe 80 seeds because I used compost that was highly alkaline. There are so many variables and things that can go wrong.. but it’s worth it to keep trying! 😀


    keep trying, i know it can be sad sometimes, i have all good intents with my garden but have a lot of

    * oops that didnt go quite as planned* moments

    My hubby, kids n dog and my forgetting to water have over time killed many seedlings and plants 🙂

    just a nother note tho my zucchini did take a bit longer to come up this time ( 3-4 weeks) so they may still b there just taking hteir own good time about it


    lollie – we had that prob last year for a bit… didnt matter what we did nothing seemed to come up…. just keep persisting hon…. thas what we did….


    i am not having a huge amount of success with my seeds at the moment either, but even the fastest ones took about 10days or something i think, with a lot of others coming up around 14 days.

    Maybe wait a bit longer….

    Or buy seedlings as suggested! I’m planning to get basil seedlings when next in town- mine did nothing at all and i NEED basil NOW!


    Hows things going 🙂


    sorry guys I have not been on to post I have been up in the air with my health atm was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last tuesday. So I have had to start changing my lifestyle with eating a bit.

    As for the seeds department I went and brought 3 packets of seeds from Bunnings Dwarf Beans, Iceberg Lettuce and Spring Onions I planted them this arvo and pretty soon mother nature is going to give them a drink to kick them off so I will know in a few days if this works.

    On another note my Oxheart and Golden Sunray tomatoes are flying they are heavy with fruit some not so far off being picked and then eaten asap nothing beats a salad with home grown chemical free vegies!! The only thing that I have done is put some horse poo in (supplied by my horse) and watered them and put some old hay that had started to go off around them.

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