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I Have Discovered Figs!!!!

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    Tassie Tiger

    A mate has 3 fig trees and today I discovered the taste of these delicious fruits :tup: :tup: What took me so long :jawdrop:

    What I would like to know is can you freeze them?


    They’re delicious little morsels, aren’t they? It’s amazing how many you fig trees you will discover growing ‘wildly’ if you look closely enough. I have about a dozen within 200 metres of my house that are either growing publically or are overhanging fences and are thus ripe (pardon the pun) for the picking.

    Can you freeze them? Yeah, but you’re better off doing something with them first. If you freeze them straight up, when defrosted they will be all mushy and horrible. Stew them or something and then freeze them. Here is a great recipe for stewed vanilla infused figs:

    Tassie Tiger

    Thanks for that input pavbenth.

    I googled it and there seems to be two main methods. One is to stew them first and then freeze which avoids the mushy outcome.

    The other is to freeze them individually by wrapping them in oven paper. Apparently this reduces the risk of them going mushy. I might give this a go as I would like to try and keep them whole for baking later.


    Nothing is better than figs picked straight off the tree…..YUM!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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